The Government’s Secret UFO Program Funded Research on Wormholes and Extra Dimensions

Documents released by the Department of Defense reveal some of what its infamous Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was working on.
Sarah Emerson
3 days ago

Why Seattle Accidentally Sent This Activist the First 256 Characters of 32 Million Internal Emails

How this self-described FOIA-nerd uses city data to make your life better.
Karl Bode

Oakland Police Open Records Transparency Investigation After 'Watch Dogs 2' Lawsuit

Earlier this year, Oakland Police refused to turn over documents about any collaboration with Ubisoft. An activist sued the agency, and won.
Ian Birnbaum

NASA Lost Lunar Rover Prototype and Other Priceless Artifacts to Sloppy Management, Inspector General Finds

The agency's Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that “a significant amount of historic personal property has been lost, misplaced, or taken” due to inadequate procedures.
Becky Ferreira

DHS Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny It Has Records on Deepfakes

As DARPA researchers work on identifying manipulated videos, and lawmakers call for an intelligence community report, the DHS is staying tight-lipped on deepfakes.
Joseph Cox

How a Horrible Invasion of Inmates’ Privacy Led to This Ridiculous Photo

In an unusual response to concerns raised by a nonprofit, the researchers decided to model themselves.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Internet Is Crowdfunding the Release of 4,358 Secret CIA Mind Control Documents

Twelve years after receiving a cache of CIA documents related to the MKUltra program, John Greenewald of the Black Vault realized that thousands of pages had been omitted. Now, he's asking the internet for help.
Michael Gaynor

The US Has 4.6 Million Foreign Gold Coins Stashed in a Vault in New York

The coins were supposed to be melted into gold bars, but were instead preserved in a vault.
Michael Gaynor
Trump's EPA

Scott Pruitt Has Until July 11 to Explain His Climate Skepticism, Judge Rules

After Pruitt ignored an FOIA request for studies supporting his view that humans are not the primary contributor to climate change, environmental advocates turned to the courts.
Becky Ferreira
Mum's The Word

The NSA Just Released 136 Historical Propaganda Posters

In the 1950s and 1960s, the NSA was very worried about employees spilling secrets. Here’s some of the best internal propaganda posters that taught them to keep their mouths shut.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

I’m Suing Oakland Police for Records About the Hacker Game 'Watch Dogs 2'

I know Marcus and DedSec would hack the servers. Me? I filed a FOIA lawsuit.
Dave Maass

The FCC Wants $200 to Release Emails About Ajit Pai's Giant Reese's Mug

This is just the latest example of the agency stonewalling FOIA requests on seemingly inconsequential topics.
Kaleigh Rogers