Watch a Giant Gator Named 'Chubbs' Scare and Entice Golfers In Florida

Chubbs and colossal, slow-rolling gators like him are beneficiaries of 45 years of alligator conservation.
Becky Ferreira
red tide

Toxic Red Tide Spreads From Florida's Gulf Coast Into Atlantic Waters

Beaches were temporarily closed in Miami and Palm Beach this week as Florida's algae bloom spread.
Becky Ferreira
Shark Food

Scientists Identify the First-Known Omnivorous Shark

The bonnethead shark's diet is about 60% seagrass according to new research.
Becky Ferreira
Outer Limits

Inside Florida’s Alligator Hunting Season

I went to Florida's alligator hunting grounds to see how they were killed and sold.
Zak Bennett
Outer Limits

Undraining the Swamp

Florida is trying to undo decades of damage to the Everglades.
Ankita Rao

‘It’s All Very Grim’: Hurricane Irma Leaves Behind a Broken Paradise in the Florida Keys

Residents returned to their devastated homes this week after a mandatory evacuation.
Zak Bennett
sea level

Miami’s Close Call with Irma May Make Climate-Blind Real-Estate Developers More Reckless

The American economy’s presumed self-healing power is a reassuring trope.
Paul Cox and Stan Cox
gone phishin

New Bitcoin Scam Targets Hurricane Irma Anxiety

This sucks.
Jordan Pearson
hurricane irma

Floridians Are Coping With Irma Using Memes and Fake Facebook Events

The authors of the pages say they’re just trying to make the best of a bad situation.
Steven Wright
"Welcome to miami"

South Miami Is Now the First City in Florida to Require Solar Panels on New Homes

The Sunshine State has been resisting solar energy for years.
Ankita Rao
don't pass that dutch

Medical Weed Is Legal in Florida, But Smoking It Won’t Be

State lawmakers want Floridians to slow their roll.
Kaleigh Rogers

Florida Bills Would Let Citizens Remove Textbooks That Mention Climate Change and Evolution

One resident complained that “evolution is now taught as fact”.
Rosemary Westwood