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Oregon Unconstitutionally Fined a Man $500 for Saying ‘I am an Engineer,’ Federal Judge Rules

Mats Järlström has won his First Amendment case against the state of Oregon: "This restriction clearly controls and suppresses protected speech."
Jason Koebler

FCC Falsely Claims Community Broadband an 'Ominous Threat to The First Amendment'

In reality, the real threat posed by community broadband is to big telecom’s monopoly revenues.
Karl Bode
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Charter Cable Doesn't Want You to See This Political Campaign Ad

Cable companies censoring political messaging sets a dangerous precedent.
Kaleigh Rogers
Content Wars

Facebook Is Using Bad Free Speech Arguments to Defend InfoWars

In a series of tweets, Facebook told reporters that conspiracy theories are a matter of free speech.
Sarah Emerson
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Federal Judge Tells Trump to Just Mute People on Twitter

A Manhattan federal judge is encouraging a settlement to a First Amendment lawsuit over President Trump's Twitter behavior.
Sarah Emerson

Oregon Doesn't Want to Give Up the Power to Fine People for Saying 'I Am an Engineer'

Oregon’s engineering board admits fault but doesn’t want to change the law.
Matthew Gault
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Berkeley Doesn't Have to Choose Between Social Justice and Free Speech

Framing the controversy in terms of “classic” trolling rhetoric allows us to talk about more than just free speech.
Whitney Phillips

Trump Has Been Sued by People He Blocked on Twitter

A Federal Court will determine if being blocked on Twitter by the president violates your First Amendment rights.
Louise Matsakis

'Internet' or 'internet'? The Supreme Court Weighs in

Justices Kennedy and Alito are engaged in a low-key capitalization battle that may change the future of digital law.
Charles Duan
Engineering the System

Oregon Man Fined for Writing 'I Am an Engineer' Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an 'Engineer'

Mats Järlström was fined $500 by the state of Oregon for writing 'I am an engineer' in an email to the government.
Jason Koebler
Dystopia Now

Man Fined $500 for Crime of Writing 'I Am An Engineer' in an Email to the Government

An electronics engineer says he found a flaw in traffic lights. The Oregon engineering board fined him for it.
Jason Koebler
Wicked Burn

This Indie Space Network Launched the ‘First Protest in Space’ Targeting Trump

'LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH' reads a suborbital tweet paraphrasing Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.
Becky Ferreira