Here Are More Than 250 Newly Released Videos of Nuclear Bomb Blasts

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is preserving decades-old test videos of the weapon that changed everything.
Jordan Pearson

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Gives Up on Science Completely

Who told these people that dinosaurs have to be war machines and volcano victims to be interesting?
Becky Ferreira
Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia Can Artificially Create Slow Motion That Is Better Than a 300,000 FPS Camera

Nvidia's software and Tesla V100 GPUs generate extra frames to fill in video gaps.
Ian Birnbaum

I’m Rooting for This Giant Shark to Eat Jason Statham in ‘The Meg’

The only way I’m watching 'The Meg,' a movie about murdering the last in an ancient species, is if the shark wins.
Matthew Gault
stormy daniels

Stormy Daniels Directed a Cyberpunk Porn Thriller That Predicted Our Current Dystopia

Released in 2010, "The Chatroom" has a lot to say about harassment, livestreaming, revenge porn, and doxing.
Samantha Cole

We Made Better Versions of the New 'Ready Player One' Posters

Steven Spielberg made homages to posters from 'The Matrix,' 'Blade Runner,' and a bunch of other Motherboard favorites.
Jason Koebler
video art

Watch This Filmmaker Work Six Projectors at Once to Make Incredibly Trippy Art

Toronto duo Zephyr use old tech to make magic.
Jordan Pearson
Black Lodge

Let’s Rock: David Lynch Teaches Typing in This New Game

‘David Lynch Teaches Typing’ will shape your future.
Matthew Gault

The Director of the Scariest Movie We’ve Ever Seen Still Fears Nuclear War the Most

'Threads' director Mick Jackson on the return of his BBC movie and why it’s still important.
Matthew Gault

'Annihilation' Has the Best Movie Monster I've Seen in Years

Spoiler alert: the scariest thing in the world is the unknowable.
Matthew Gault
Public Service Announcements

The New York City Drone Film Festival Is Proving Drone Filmography Doesn't Have to Suck

Going to a drone film festival is like watching the future happen in real time.
Jason Koebler
Social Media

Watch 'Instafamous,' an Incisive Film About the Link Between Celebrity and Click Farmers

Motherboard is pleased to debut a speculative film short about the lived realities of click farmers who prop up the social media accounts of the (supposedly) rich and (purportedly) famous.
Brian Merchant