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Why FEMA Is Sending a ‘Presidential Alert’ to Your Phone Today

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System will issue a test of the Presidential Alert, used for major, nationwide emergencies.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Ham Radio Hobbyists Are Connecting the Caribbean After Hurricane Maria

The storm silenced much of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. But a volunteer network of hams are helping people reach their loved ones.
Sarah Emerson
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FEMA Is Preparing for a Solar Superstorm That Would Take Down the Grid

The looming threat of extreme space weather has FEMA preparing for the perfect solar storm, and an unimaginable power grid disaster, FOIA documents reveal.
Sarah Emerson
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Reddit’s Conspiracy Theorists Think World War III Will Begin Today

FEMA denies to Motherboard that the US is planning a false flag nuke strike on New York today.
Corin Faife
Los Angeles

NASA and FEMA Practiced Emergency Operations for an Asteroid Impact

Totally no need to worry or anything though.
Daniel Oberhaus

FEMA Contractor Predicts 'Social Unrest' Caused by 395% Food Price Spikes

A FEMA contract predicts “social unrest” caused by a global food crisis.
Nafeez Ahmed

Canada and the US Are Running the 'Largest' Earthquake Sim Ever

We’re due for The Big One, so officials are getting ready.
Kate Lunau

Can Social Media Predict Disaster Damage Better than Relief Agencies?

The social media service can be a boon to relief agencies when fast action is crucial, study finds.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Augmented Reality Binoculars That Let Us See the Future Under Climate Change

An innovative new piece of interactive real-world fiction will help citizens understand the climate-changed future.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Why Did FEMA Ground a Flood-Mapping Drone In Colorado?

In the largest disaster response since Hurricane Katrina, Chris Miser, owner of a small drone company, thinks he can help map the devastation. FEMA? Not so much.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Anonymous Dropped Another FEMA Leak

Anonymous today released another set of swiped data contact info for first responders, security contractors, and the like.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

These Are Actual Words Spoken by Bush's FEMA Director About Sandy and President Obama

Do you remember noted United States’ national embarrassment Michael Brown? You know, the director of FEMA during Katrina?
Michael Byrne