bomb squad

How Experts Trace A Homemade Bomb To Its Source

We spoke to an explosive forensic expert about how to track a serial bomber.
Daniel Oberhaus

FBI Is Reportedly Warning Banks That Hackers Are Planning to Make A Global Run on ATMs

Unlimited operations typically take advantage of weak cybersecurity at smaller banking institutions and allow hackers to make coordinated runs on ATMs.
Daniel Oberhaus

FBI Refuses to Release Dark Web Kingpin Arrest Video It Already Showed and Bragged About

The bureau rejected a FOIA request without explaining why.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
State of Surveillance

Supreme Court Says Cops Need to Get a Warrant to Get Your Phone Location Data

In a much-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court changed the course of history, siding with privacy activists and giving Americans stronger privacy protections in the digital age.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Election Twitter

A ‘Technical Malfunction’ Made an FBI Twitter Account Seem Anti-Clinton in the Final Days of the Election

A report from the Department of Justice Inspector General revealed a mundane technical glitch was behind the 2016 Twitter beef.
Sarah Emerson
revenge porn

Police Have Seized Revenge Porn Site Anon-IB

"Cybercrime teams from the Dutch police have seized the Anon-IB forum in an ongoing investigation concerning criminal offenses."
Matthew Gault
Joseph Cox
Phone Crackers

Lawmakers Call FBI's 'Going Dark' Narrative 'Highly Questionable' After Motherboard Shows Cops Can Easily Hack iPhones

US lawmakers have asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to answer questions around phone unlocking technology, after Motherboard found agencies have bought tools to crack iPhones.
Joseph Cox

How a ‘Human Trafficking’ Narrative Was Used to Kill Backpage

Carl Ferrer, Backpage co-founder and CEO, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution.
Samantha Cole
Phone Crackers

FBI Refuses to Say Whether It Bought iPhone Unlocking Tech 'GrayKey'

Motherboard found that federal and more local law enforcement agencies have bought tech to unlock up to date iPhones. But the FBI, which is pushing for backdoors, refuses to say whether it has also purchased the equipment.
Joseph Cox
Phone Crackers

Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

A Motherboard investigation has found that law enforcement agencies across the country have purchased GrayKey, a relatively cheap tool for bypassing the encryption on iPhones, while the FBI pushes again for encryption backdoors.
Joseph Cox

The FBI Just Seized Backpage.com

The website has previously been the subject of numerous lawsuits and a Congressional investigation for its alleged role in facilitating child sex trafficking.
Daniel Oberhaus
Full Disclosure

The FBI Used Classified Hacking Tools in Ordinary Criminal Investigations

The FBI’s Remote Operations Unit has hacking tools typically reserved for protecting national security. But an overlooked section of a new report says ROU has used these secret techniques in criminal cases.
Joseph Cox