Ye Olde Bread

The Oldest Bread Ever Found Dates Back 14,400 Years and Predates Agriculture

The discovery suggests that Natufian hunter-gatherers baked bread from wild grains long before it was cultivated from crops.
Becky Ferreira

A Researcher Got Paid $300,000 to Resign After He Said Shooting Wolves Is Bad

Robert Wielgus, director of the Carnivore Conservation Lab, received a settlement from the school after he sued for infringing on his academic freedom.
Kaleigh Rogers
Broadband Land

ISPs Have Asked the Senate to Limit Funds for Rural Internet

Proposals being considered by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry would block communities from getting funding.
Kaleigh Rogers

Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We're Addicted to Meat

A new study of all the biomass on the planet found that 60 percent of all mammals are livestock.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Campaigner Wants to End the Global Food Waste Scandal

Author and activist Tristram Stuart has launched campaigns, new businesses, and community events to stop nations from squandering food.
Ian Birnbaum
Book excerpts

Chicken Might Be the First Lab-Grown Meat to Make It to Your Grocery Store

'Clean Meat' is a new book by Paul Shapiro about the past, present, and future of lab-grown meat.
Paul Shapiro

This Biologist Wants to Grow Vegetables on Mars

His work could help astronauts grow tomatoes on the Red Planet one day.
Lisa Cumming

Illegal Weed Can Be Worse for Forests than Logging

Though logging has a greater overall impact, growing pot can be even more destructive on a per-unit-area basis, according to a recent study.
Kaleigh Rogers
Dear Future

This Farm Has No Farmers

The 'Hands Free Hectare' gives us a peek at the future of automated agriculture.
Claire Downs
Heavy Machinery

Out for a Rip in a DIY Monster Truck Made of Spare Tractor Parts

“I’ve got some looks from cops but they just kind of nod at me.”
Jason Koebler
hurricane harvey

Islands of Starving Cows Discovered After Hurricane Harvey

Though cows can swim better than you might think, they can’t tread water forever.
Kaleigh Rogers
let me explain

Why Did This Corn Explode?

A viral video from a farm in Indiana captures the dramatic event.
Kaleigh Rogers