Falcon Heavy


Meet the Amateur Rocketeer Building Self-Landing Replicas of SpaceX Rockets

Joe Barnard has spent the last three years pioneering DIY landing technologies for amateur rockets and now the aerospace industry is paying attention.
Daniel Oberhaus
Space Oddity

There’s a Small Chance Elon’s Car Will Collide With Earth in the Next Million Years

Don't panic!
Daniel Oberhaus
Falcon Heavy

This Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Sports Car Through Space

Dude, where's my luxury Tesla?
Daniel Oberhaus

The Best SpaceX Conspiracies About the Falcon Heavy Launch

Did Elon Musk pull off the perfect murder? And other things conspiracy theorists are wondering.
Daniel Oberhaus
Space Oddity

How to Prepare a Sports Car for Interplanetary Space

The payload on the Falcon Heavy was Elon Musk’s personal Tesla convertible. Here’s how it was prepared to weather the harsh space environment.
Daniel Oberhaus
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What’s Next for SpaceX?

What to do after you’ve built and launched the world’s most powerful rocket?
Daniel Oberhaus
Falcon Heavy

Photos from the Ground at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

I watched the world's most powerful rocket fly into space.
Jason Koebler
SpaceX Falcon Heavy

SpaceX Just Launched a Tesla Into Space on the Most Powerful Rocket in the World

What the Falcon Heavy means for the future of spaceflight.
Daniel Oberhaus
Falcon Heavy

Holy Shit: SpaceX Finally Test Fired its Falcon Heavy Rocket

SpaceX just test fired the Falcon Heavy and the wait was so worth it.
Daniel Oberhaus
Falcon Heavy

The Rocket That Will Take Elon’s Car to Mars Is About to Test Its Engines

The static fire is one of the last major tests before the maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket since the Apollo era.
Daniel Oberhaus
Mars 2024

Elon Musk Is Still Insisting Mars Will Be Settled in 2024 and Then Terraformed

The basis of Musk’s project rests upon ethical problems that haven’t been figured out yet.
Caroline Haskins

We Talked to Bill Nye About the Solar Sail He’s Sending to Space

The former Science Guy believes LightSail 2 could lead to better space travel, debris cleanup, and solar weather monitoring.
Bryson Masse