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Watch 'Jeopardy!' Contestants Fail to Correctly Answer a Single Question About Video Games

Video game-related questions have a habit of tripping up 'Jeopardy!' contestants at key moments.
Matthew Gault
ruh roh

Canada’s New National Alert System Failed Spectacularly During Its First Test

Alerts didn’t make it to mobile devices in Quebec and Ontario.
Jordan Pearson
Bluescreen of Death

Iran's Most Famous Monument Briefly Became a Tribute to Windows 7

Video footage from Tehran shows a 150-foot projection of the Windows 7 desktop on Iran's Azadi Tower.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Worst Guide to Digital Security on the Internet Today

Please, do not follow this advice.
Joseph Cox
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

CNBC Tried, and Massively Failed, to Teach People About Password Security

Dear news organizations, please don’t do this, ever.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Small-Time Hackers Can Be Deanonymized Even When Using Tor

How anonymizing tech won't always stop you from leaving digital footprints.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Motherboard Blog

The Pentagon's Failed "Terrorism Futures Market" Is Now a Ukranian Bookstore

The rise, fall, and re-incarnation of FutureMAP, the Bush administration's ill-fated effort to harness markets to predict terrorist attacks.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Jonah Lehrer and the Psychology of Making Stuff Up

Jonah Lehrer's having a rough summer. A month ago, when the author and journalist was busted, bizarrely, for self-plagiarizing — that is, reusing passages of his own work in newly published articles at the _New Yorker's_ website - he said "it was a...
Adam Estes
Motherboard Blog

This Is the Way Facebook Ends

Let's not forget everything Facebook has done for us. In leveraging our social curiosity and innate egomania, Mark Zuckerberg unleashed a social revolution, compelling us to share even the most mundane aspects of our lives. No longer anonymous trolls...
Motherboard Blog

Guess What the Secret Password Was to America's Cold War Nuclear Missile System

No foolin': The secret access code to the computer controls of the U.S. nuclear-tipped missile arsenal between 1968 and 1976: "00000000":
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Just Die Already: Users Spend More Time on Myspace Than Google+

The Goog is boasting that more than 90 million people have signed up for Google+. Those are pretty impressive numbers. I mean, if you had 90 million people at your disposal, you could do anything. You'd rule the Internet. Except there's one little...
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Computer Hate: No One Got Kraftwerk Tickets

Be careful MoMA and Showclix: you have made Kraftwerk fans angry. In the midst of today's massive ticket-selling fiasco for the band's eight "full-album shows": at the museum, someone commented on...