Facial Recognition Software Regularly Misgenders Trans People

Human computer interfaces are almost never built with transgender people in mind, and continue to reinforce existing biases.
Matthew Gault
machine learning

Facing Tomorrow's High-Tech School Surveillance

Installed in the wake of recent high-profile mass shootings, controversial facial recognition systems that scan students’ faces could be the not-too-distant future for schools across America and beyond.
Rose Eveleth

Science Fiction Is Not Social Reality

The tech industry is inspired to create our world from linear, scripted science fiction stories.
S.A. Applin

This Is the Facial Recognition Tool at the Heart of a Class Action Suit Against Facebook

Facebook's 'Tag Suggestions' tool might end up costing the company a lot of money.
Sophie Kleeman
surveillance state

China Is Using Facial Recognition Technology to Send Jaywalkers Fines Through Text Messages

It’s the latest update to a widely deployed facial recognition surveillance system in China.
Daniel Oberhaus
Big Bobis

This Guy Made a Facial Recognition Device for His Cat

Welcome to the cat surveillance state.
Daniel Oberhaus

AI-Fooling Glasses Could Be Good Enough to Trick Facial Recognition at Airports

Adversarial objects, for your face.
Samantha Cole
Animal Cognition

At Least Eight Sheep in the World Can Recognize Barack Obama

In a new study, sheep can pick out a celebrity face from a rando's.
Samantha Cole
Porn Star Privacy

Facial Recognition for Porn Stars Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen

The underlying tech being used by Pornhub could one day be used by more nefarious actors to identify amateur and unwitting porn models.
Samantha Cole
State of Surveillance

Canada’s Spies, Police, and Border Agents Are Quietly Coordinating on Biometrics

Privacy experts worry the meetings could put Canadians’ privacy at risk.
Jordan Pearson
Chaos Computer Club

Hackers Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fake Iris

Using a camera, a printer, and a contact lens, hackers managed to bypass the S8's iris scanner.
Joseph Cox
surveillance state

British Cops Will Scan Every Fan's Face at the Champions League Final

South Wales Police is piloting facial recognition at one of Europe's biggest sporting events.
Glyn Owen