Facebook’s New Snooze Feature Saves Us From Spoilers and Spoiler Culture

Facebook introduced a new feature that allows you to snooze keywords so users can avoid triggering phrases and sweet, sweet movie spoilers.
Matthew Gault

Facebook Quietly Ended Its Rural Internet Laser Drone Program

The Aquila technology was part of a plan to provide high speed internet to remote, rural areas around the globe.
Kaleigh Rogers
Choose Your Own Algorithm

How to Fix the Internet After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The fiasco over third party apps and the Facebook user data that got Trump elected is almost beside the point for researcher Hossein Derakhshan.
Motherboard Italia

How to Tell If That Online Fundraiser Will Actually Help Immigrant Children at the Border

You want to help, so make sure you’re actually helping.
Kaleigh Rogers

Our Brains Are Being Overloaded With Push Notifications About Nothing

As social media vies for our attention, networks have begun sending us notifications that have nothing to do with our activity on the site.
Ashwin Rodrigues

Facebook Wants to Use AI to Replace Your Eyeballs in Photos Where You Blinked

Researchers at the company are experimenting with AI to retouch your most undignified pictures.
Sarah Emerson

Europe's New Link Tax Will Enshrine Big Tech's Stranglehold Over the Internet

Article 11 is a terrible copyright reform proposal that will fundamentally change how the internet works.
Cory Doctorow

Facebook Says its Competitors Are the Whole Internet, Because Facebook Is the Internet

Facebook told Congress that its competitors come from all over the internet—that's true, because Facebook has largely replaced the internet for many of its users.
Sarah Emerson
In Moderation

Internal Documents Show How Facebook Decides When a Poop Emoji Is Hate Speech

Facebook trains its moderators to recognize when emojis violate the social network site’s policies as well, including for sexual solicitation, hate speech, and bullying.
Joseph Cox

Report: Facebook Gave Chinese Device Manufacturers Special Access to User Data

One one of the firms, Huawei, is on the Pentagon's no-buy list because of alleged connections to the Chinese government.
Karl Bode
In Moderation

These Are Facebook’s Policies for Moderating White Supremacy and Hate

As hate speech continues to be a top issue for social media platforms, we are publishing an extended selection of training material showing how Facebook sees the issue of white supremacy and hate more generally.
Joseph Cox
Radio Motherboard

Listen to Radio Motherboard on Facebook’s Reckoning with American Nazis

What Facebook's internal guidelines around hate speech say about how the company operates.
Wajeeh Maaz