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Donald Trump’s Grandfather Was Likely a Climate Change Refugee

A new study charts how extreme weather events, like droughts and floods, drove a 19th century wave of German immigration to North America.
Stephen Leahy
hurricane irma

TV Weathercasters Are Being Recruited to Convince People Climate Change Is Real

Weathercasters' on-air reporting about climate change increased over 1,200 percent between 2013 and 2016.
Kate Lunau
climate change

Extreme Weather Forces 26 Million People Into Poverty Each Year

Natural disasters will widen the divide between the poor and everyone else, according to a new World Bank study.
Sarah Emerson

Canada Isn’t Ready for Future Climate Disasters, Watchdog Says

We're boned.
Jordan Pearson

100 Years Ago, the Chances of a Year as Hot as 2014 'Were Less Than 1 in 10,000'

Here is the likelihood that Europe would be as hot today without climate change: "It's so small we had trouble computing it."
Brian Merchant

​Natural Disasters Displaced Three Times More People Than War in 2013

A new report indicates that we're all going to have to be a lot more prepared to deal with everything that happens after.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

The UK's Record Floods Are a Climate Change Wake-Up Call

Even if the floods aren't directly "caused" by climate change, they're likely a taste of extreme weather to come.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

What the Hell Is a Bombogenesis?

It's code for "big ass storm."
Becky Ferreira
Motherboard Blog

A Warmer Pacific Ocean Leads to More Tornadoes

The surface temperature of the Pacific also influences where twisters are more likely to form.
Mat McDermott
Motherboard Blog

Extreme Weather and Climate Change Are Stuck in a Vicious Cycle

It's chicken-and-the-egg, global disaster edition.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

The 'Ice Tsunami' Is the Most Beautiful Disaster You've Never Heard Of

Until a couple of these things smashed into Canada last weekend, we had no idea this could even happen.
Brian Merchant