There's a 'Subterranean Galapagos' Deep Inside the Earth

“A decade ago, we had no idea that the rocks beneath our feet could be so vastly inhabited.”
Becky Ferreira
2 days ago
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New Documentary Digs Into the Wild Life of Alleged UFO Technician Bob Lazar

Jeremy Corbell’s new documentary offers a rare on-camera interview with Bob Lazar, who put Area 51 on the map 30 years ago.
Daniel Oberhaus

Scientists Who Discovered Blunt-Shaped Asteroid Say It Is Almost Definitely Not Aliens

A letter from Harvard University scholars asserts that the blunt-shaped ‘Oumuamua object may be an alien probe, but the scientists who rolled the spliff are killing the buzz.
Caroline Haskins
Aliens exist

Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Has a $37.4 Million Deficit

A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.”
Daniel Oberhaus
fermi paradox

If the Universe Is the Ocean, We've Only Searched for Aliens in a Hot Tub

Three Penn State researchers created a framework for determining how much of the universe we’ve looked at for signs of alien life.
Daniel Oberhaus
nothing to see here

The New Mexico Solar Observatory Mysteriously Commandeered by the FBI Is Back in Business

It's never aliens.
Daniel Oberhaus
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‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’ Is the First Video Released From UFO-Obsessed Billionaire’s Haunted Ranch

The latest film in Jeremy Corbell’s ‘Extraordinary Beliefs’ series digs into the history of Skinwalker Ranch, an alleged hotbed of UFO activity formerly owned by Robert Bigelow.
Daniel Oberhaus

Republican Running in Key Florida Race Says She Was Abducted by Aliens

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is one of the frontrunners in the district’s GOP primary.
Kaleigh Rogers

Did Alien Civilizations Survive Climate Change?

Modeling the possible trajectories of extraterrestrial civilizations can help shed light on the fate of our own planet.
Daniel Oberhaus

Scientists Want to Study Exoplanet Atmospheres for Signs of Alien Life

Instead of looking at individual biosignatures, a new dynamic framework suggests that studying atmospheric seasons may be the key for detecting alien life on exoplanets.
Daniel Oberhaus

Researchers Warn of Extraterrestrial Hacks

Can Earth get pwnd from space?
Daniel Oberhaus

2017 Will Be the Year We Decide Whether to Put a Call Out to Aliens

In the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, there’s a major divide about whether to broadcast or just listen.
Kaleigh Rogers