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Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Venezuela's 'Petro' Cryptocurrency

The Petro was meant to boost Venezuela’s economy, but it’s faced harsh criticism at home and abroad.
Jordan Pearson
Coal Is Dead

The Coal Industry Isn’t Even Certain That Donald Trump Can Save It

President Trump's newest executive order won't bring coal back for good.
Sarah Emerson
Waters of the United States

Only the Rich Will Get Richer From Trump’s New Water Rules

When the president targeted the Waters of the United States rule, he had big industries, not small businesses, in mind.
Sarah Emerson
Executive Disorder

Trump Ordered the EPA to Overturn Clean Water Rule

The president signed off on an executive order to help dismantle an Obama-era rule meant to protect American waterways.
Grennan Milliken
Head of the EPA

The EPA Just Ended Its Gag Order to Tweet Congrats to Scott Pruitt

The Environmental Protection Agency’s first tweet in almost a month was a congratulatory note to its new leader, Scott Pruitt.
Sarah Emerson

National Park Employees Break the Silence About Trump’s Hiring Freeze

We spoke to National Park Service and Forest Service employees about the damage—sometimes irreparable—that President Trump’s hiring freeze has caused to their lives.
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

Trump’s Travel Ban Disrupts Meeting of ICANN, the Internet's Governing Body

At least two Iranian-born researchers are being blocked from crucial meetings.
Farnia Fekri
Donald Trump

Obama’s New Executive Order Protects Alaska’s Arctic From Future Drilling

President Obama’s newest executive order places protections around the Northern Bering Sea and creates a “climate resilience area.”
Sarah Emerson

You Probably Won't Get Sanctioned for Donating Bitcoins to Edward Snowden

Fears stoked by President Obama's executive order may be premature.
Janus Kopfstein