15 European Gambling Regulators Agree to Investigate If Loot Boxes Harm Children

Authorities from Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Latvia and others signed the declaration.
Matthew Gault
2 days ago

How to Use GDPR To Stop Data Breaches Screwing You Over

You may just think of the GDPR as a privacy law. But you can use it to remove your sensitive data from company servers in anticipation of a hack.
Joseph Cox
Content ID

The EU’s Terrible, Internet-Wrecking Copyright Plan Lurches Forward

While not yet a law, the EU’s plan for unreliable internet filters and expensive link taxes continues to make progress.
Karl Bode

Europe's New Copyright Rules Are Like YouTube's Content ID System—for the Entire Internet

The European Union wants to take the upload filters that make no one happy and apply them to all content on the internet.
Cory Doctorow

Here Are Some of the Worst Attempts At Complying with GDPR

Owen Williams, a freelance developer, has been collecting the more embarrassing, silly, and downright lame attempts companies are making to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.
Kaleigh Rogers

Europe Needs to Save Itself From Internet Upload Filters

A draft law currently making its way through the EU lawmaking process would impose filters that detect copyright infringement.
Julia Reda
Internet Insecurity

Russian Hackers Are Targeting Hotels Across Europe, Researchers Say

The hackers used booby-trapped Word documents and a leaked NSA hacking tool to get a foothold into the networks to then attack guests.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The Dark Web Gun Trade May Be Bigger Than You Think

The first study into the dark web gun trade finds tens of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every month.
Joseph Cox

France Wants to Ban Diesel and Gas Vehicles by 2040

The country wants to be carbon neutral by 2050.
Ben Sullivan
Right to Repair

The European Parliament Wants Europeans to Have the Right to Repair

It might soon be easier for Europeans to fix their own electronics.
Louise Matsakis

European Commission Fines Google $2.7 Billion for Breaking Antitrust Rules

Google may also have to pay daily fines if it doesn't change.
Ben Sullivan
State trojan

Germany Just Gave Cops More Hacking Powers to Get Around Encryption

Hacking may soon be used to combat money laundering, cash counterfeiting, drug trafficking, and over 30 other crimes.
Joseph Cox