The Jesuit Priest Who Believed in God and the Singularity

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s ideas may have been ahead of his time.
Micah Redding

At the Dawn of Crowdsourcing—in 1907

This week is the anniversary of Francis Galton’s “Vox Populi,” which demonstrated the “wisdom of crowds” quantitatively.
Michael Byrne

Nikola Tesla's Pro-Eugenics, Anti-Coffee Portrait of the Future

Roasting Tesla on his 158th birthday.
Becky Ferreira
Motherboard Blog

The Long Tail of America's Eugenics Problem

The history of America’s eugenics programs has resurfaced in the public spotlight in recent years.
Jason Louv
Motherboard Blog

I Gave My DNA to a Company in China so They Can Manufacture Genius Babies

Within a couple of generations, competing with the Chinese on an intellectual level will be like drinking a shot every time Lena Dunham gets naked on 'Girls' – not a good idea.
Aleks Eror
Motherboard Blog

A Morning At the Museum With Teddy Roosevelt

In the lower level of the American Museum of Natural History, I was having trouble paying attention to the First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris. My mind wandered to the press conference-y backdrop behind her, which covered the entrance to the “Hall of...
Ben Richmond
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It's Dark in Those Woods: Tracing Environmentalism to Eugenics (Part Two)

When we left Madison Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Boone and Crockett Club, they were throwing their considerable heft behind unprecedented regulations on hunting in the United States. Their motive, however, was selfish: the rules would benefit them...
Alicia Puglionesi
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In Which Big Game and Eugenics Go To Washington: or, Environmentalism Is Born (Part One)

In the aftermath of a rollicking dinner party in 1887, Teddy Roosevelt and his friends decided to start a club. It would be devoted to their shared passions: the thrill of the chase, pitting nature against human daring and ingenuity – a club for big...
Alicia Puglionesi
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Ones and Zeros 5/25/11: R.I.P. Spirit, Your Cell Phone is Still Killing You

_During a fraction of the time it took to develop Duke Nukem Forever, NASA was able to engineer, launch and land two rovers on the surface of Mars that were operational for 5+ years. This game better be good._ h3. ONE: NASA astronauts to fly Orion...
Ones Zeros