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Bitcoin Mining Alone Could Raise Global Temperatures Above Critical Limit By 2033

A recent UN climate report said that if global temperatures rose above 1.5 C it could lead to catastrophic climate change. Bitcoin alone could raise global temperatures by 2 C within two decades.
Daniel Oberhaus

A Wildly Popular Ethereum Gambling Game Just Paid Out 3 Million Dollars

'Fomo3D' is a controversial and popular Ethereum application, and the lottery's winner may have clogged the blockchain itself to win.
Jordan Pearson
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World's Biggest GPU Maker No Longer Expects to Make Money on Cryptocurrency Mining

Selling GPUs for cryptocurrency mining accounted for 10 percent of Nvidia’s revenue only a few months ago. Now the company isn’t factoring it into its revenue stream at all.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Artists Ai Weiwei and Kevin Abosch Are Using the Blockchain to Make Us Question What’s ‘PRICELESS’

We talked to Weiwei and Abosch about PRICELESS, which uses the Ethereum blockchain to spark a conversation about the value of human life, and the current refugee crisis.
Jordan Pearson
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Assassination Markets for Jeff Bezos, Betty White, and Donald Trump Are On the Blockchain

Assassination markets are old as the concept of cypherpunk itself. Now blockchain-based betting platform Augur has become a home for them.
Daniel Oberhaus

An Incredibly Simple Hack Had the Potential to Manipulate Cryptocurrency Markets

Visitors to Ethereum blockchain explorer on Monday were shown a pop-up that said, “l337,” but the hackers could have tricked site visitors by superficially changing values on the blockchain record.
Jordan Pearson

A Revolution Per Minute: Photos From the Ethereal Summit

The Ethereal Summit is a two-day, $1,200 per person event that featured everything from guided meditation with Deepak Chopra to sushi on the blockchain.
Daniel Oberhaus
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After CryptoKitties, the 'Cryptocollectibles' Business Is Booming

People are spending cryptocurrency on everything from virtual pandas to tulips—seriously, you have no idea.
Jessica Klein

What Is an ASIC Miner and Is It the Future of Cryptocurrency?

What are application specific integrated circuits and why are cryptocurrency communities freaking out about them?
Daniel Oberhaus
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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Is Beefing With the Guy Who Claimed to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Buterin called Craig Wright a “fraud” at the 2018 Deconomy conference, and Wright shot back.
Jordan Pearson
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That Sketchy Steven Seagal-Endorsed ICO Is Under Siege By State Regulators

"Bitcoiin" has run afoul of the law in New Jersey.
Jordan Pearson
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I Used A Mining Rig To Stay Warm During the Nor’easter

Getting paid for heat > paying for heat.
Daniel Oberhaus