The Tiger Population in Nepal Has Nearly Doubled Since 2009 Because Conservation Efforts Work

Nepal is one of 13 tiger-range countries striving to double the world’s tiger population by 2022.
Kaleigh Rogers
scorched earth

Planet at Risk of Heading Towards Apocalyptic, Irreversible ‘Hothouse Earth’ State

We only have 10-20 years to fix this.
Stephen Leahy

Deformed Fish, Rabbits With Two Genitals: Canada’s Largest National Park Is Falling Apart

A federal study found that out of 17 environmental indicators at Wood Buffalo National Park—the second-largest national park in the world—15 are declining.
Jordan Pearson

The Baltic Sea’s Oxygen Levels Are At a 1,500-Year Low

And climate change is halting recovery efforts.
Jordan Pearson

We’ve Saved One of the Coral Reefs by Simply Bothering to Do Something

Coral doesn’t have to be doomed, we just have to actually try to save it.
Kaleigh Rogers
Greenhouse Gases

Feeding Cows Space Food Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Scientists want to bring back an environmentally friendly food source NASA tested on its astronauts in the 1960s: bacteria. Germs never tasted so good.
Mirjam Guesgen

Doug Ford, Canada’s Version of Trump, Is Waging His Own War on the Environment

Doug Ford is already cutting the GreenON fund, and said that the cap-and-trade program will be his first priority as premier of Ontario.
Farnia Fekri
tuna sushi

Scientists Are Taming Endangered Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for Our Sushi

Scientists at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography have spent 15 years trying to domesticate Atlantic bluefin tuna, one of the ocean’s greatest apex predators.
Mark Mann

What I Learned About Our Planet By Watching 540 Hours of ‘Survivor’

CBS's 'Survivor' reaches more people than most nature documentaries and uses animals to comment on the human condition.
Melissa Cronin

Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We're Addicted to Meat

A new study of all the biomass on the planet found that 60 percent of all mammals are livestock.
Kaleigh Rogers
Bitcoin Energy

Nobody Knows Exactly How Much Energy Bitcoin Is Using

New research suggests that Bitcoin will account for 0.5 percent of the world’s electricity demand by the end of this year. But one researcher says he still isn't getting the whole picture.
Daniel Oberhaus
climate change

Climate Impacts of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Could Cost Up to $8.7 Billion

There are real costs associated with releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. Here, we crunched some numbers.
Stephen Leahy