Ozone Recovery Continues, But Suspected Emissions From China Slows Progress

The Montreal Protocol of 1987 continues to be a success story about international environmental cooperation.
Becky Ferreira

A Biochemist Is Beating a GOP Incumbent Backed by the Chemical Industry in Key House Race

In the extremely tight race for Illinois’s sixth district seat, a recent scandal over dangerous emissions from a medical supply plant has brought environmental issues front and center.
Kaleigh Rogers
climate change

Europe Wants to Devastate Forests to Double Its 'Renewable' Energy

A plan recently finalized by the European Union would classify wood burned for fuel as a carbon neutral energy source, when it’s anything but.
Sarah Emerson
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Climate Impacts of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Could Cost Up to $8.7 Billion

There are real costs associated with releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. Here, we crunched some numbers.
Stephen Leahy
Orbiting Carbon Observatory

This NASA Satellite Is 'Sounding' Our Atmosphere to Understand Fossil Fuel Emissions

The OCO-2 spacecraft has been working hard to quantify the impact of humans on the global climate since 2014.
Becky Ferreira
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Canada’s New Conservative Leader Is Pro-Pipeline and Anti-Carbon Tax

We looked into Andrew Scheer’s take on environmental issues. Here’s what we found.
Lisa Cumming
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Canada's Bold New Carbon Pricing Plan Isn't Enough to Meet Emissions Goals

But it's a start.
Jordan Pearson
California Here We Come

California Won't Let Trump Destroy Emission Standards Without a Fight

Trump wants to undo Obama's Clean Car Rules, but some states won't let it happen.
Grennan Milliken

The Happiest Environmental News From 2016

Hey look, we didn’t entirely screw up the planet this year.
Sarah Emerson
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A Catastrophic Amount of Carbon Could Leak From the Soil By 2050

Climate scientists warn that 55 trillion kilograms of carbon could be released into the atmosphere from Earth's soil by mid-century.
Sarah Emerson

New Method For Trapping CO2 as Solid Rock Could Help to Fight Climate Change

A groundbreaking field test proves that carbon emissions can be safely stored as solid rock in basalt formations.
Sarah Emerson
Motherboard Blog

These Futuristic Elevated Buses Can’t Arrive Soon Enough

In the future, buses will zoom right over cars.
Sarah Emerson