Garfield Fans Are Furious That His Instagram Seems to Discourage Voting

A fierce debate erupted in the comment section of the Garfield Instagram account when the cat seemed to discourage people from voting.
Caroline Haskins

Here’s Why All the Voting Machines Are Broken and the Lines Are Extremely Long

Voting machines are breaking down across the country and America’s voting technology is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.
Jason Koebler
Matthew Gault
net neutrality

This Map Shows You How Much Money Every Member of Congress Got from Big Telecom

Before you vote, take a look at this interactive map that lets you browse by house representatives or senators and find out all the details on your incumbents.
Kaleigh Rogers

Justice Department Warns It Might Not Be Able to Prosecute Voting Machine Hackers

DoJ says current federal law against hacking doesn't apply to voting machines because they aren't connected to the internet; but this plus a proposed amendment could create a problem for prosecuting hacks of other computers not connected to the internet.
Kim Zetter
angry canadians

Canada Is Pissed Off About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

The privacy commissioner is investigating, and politicians are calling for regulation.
Jordan Pearson
On Edge

Drinking More Because of the Insane News Cycle? You're Not Alone

"Headline distress disorder" is real—and it's making many of us self-prescribe alcohol.
Allie Volpe

Why Twitter Is the Best Social Media Platform for Disinformation

It is time for Twitter to confront bots, extremists, and hostile spies by owning up to its own values.
Thomas Rid

How Facebook Will Protect the 'Integrity' of Canada's Next Election

"We don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy."
Tracey Lindeman
direct democracy

Colorado Political Candidate Promises to Give His Seat to an App

What if elected representatives actually voted based on what their constituents wanted?
Louise Matsakis
Election Security

Election Officials Still Haven’t Got Clearance to View Russian Hacking Info

It’s August, 2017, and chief election officers across the US still haven’t obtained security clearances.
Joseph Cox

The Same Twitter Bots That Helped Trump Tried to Sink Macron, Researcher Says

Emilio Ferrara analyzed pro-Trump bots during the 2016 election and found a link to anti-Macron bots in 2017.
Jordan Pearson
NSA Leak

Suspected NSA Leaker Visited Senator's Office to 'Discuss Environmental Issues'

Reality Leigh Winner is accused of having leaked a top secret document to The Intercept.
Kaleigh Rogers