This Is Why Solar Windows Have Yet to Become Popular

They're just not as efficient as solar panels yet.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Let a Robot Park Your Car in 2 Minutes in Denmark’s Underground Parking Lot

And it doesn’t cost much more than a regular parking spot.
Clinton Nguyen

The Model That Can Predict (and Prevent) Transit Delays Two Hours in the Future

With "commuter prognosis," Sweden's train system will soon be able to predict the future.
Brian Merchant

Gaming Computers Use a Truly Astonishing Amount of Energy

They suck down $10 billion worth of electricity a year, and that number's poised to double if we don't start thinking efficiently.
Brian Merchant

The Most Efficient Fleet of Cars in US History Is Still Embarrassingly Dirty

The average new car sold in America isn't much more efficient than a Model T.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Electronics Update: New Semiconductors Could Improve Efficiency by Half

Data centers, computers, and mobile devices all stand to get a lot more efficient.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

The Cargo Ships of the Future Will Be Galleons With 20-Story Sails

Companies must cut pollution by 20% by 2020, and another 50% by 2050. So the industry is seeking out new, low-carbon shipping technology. So here’s the latest idea: Sails.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

These Are the Cleanest-Powered, Most Energy Efficient Nations on the Planet

See how we stack up against the rest of the G20 nations, and against those making the biggest strides towards efficiency and clean power capacity
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Reimagining Moore's Law As An Energy Consumption Black Hole

My computer, a decent-enough 2011 Lenovo laptop, sucks up about 20 watts of electricty during average use, about half the amount of electricty as my weak bedside lamp. ENIAC, born in 1946 and considered the first-ever general purpose computer, used...
Michael Byrne