Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise

A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change.
Nafeez Ahmed

30 Years of Data Shows Asylum Seekers Are Not an Economic Burden

A new study shows that giving migrants pathways to citizenship in European countries actually results in positive economic impacts, while asylum seekers don’t have a negative impact.
Daniel Oberhaus
Burning Planet

Global Investment Firm Warns 7.8 Degrees of Global Warming Is Possible

The British firm wants clients to factor climate change into investment decisions.
Nafeez Ahmed

The Dark Web Gun Trade May Be Bigger Than You Think

The first study into the dark web gun trade finds tens of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every month.
Joseph Cox
Rock On

The Chinese Government Just Made Your Summer Jam

It’s about infrastructure and trust us, you’re going to be hooked.
Ankita Rao
Universal Basic Income

For the Cost of Republican Tax Cuts, We Can Give Working Americans Up to $18,000 a Year

Instead of corporate tax cuts for big companies that can be used to create more robots, we could allow Americans to benefit from the wealth automation creates.
Gregory Ferenstein

Can Physics Explain Wealth Inequality?

Probably not, but let's indulge.
Michael Byrne
Regulate Our Lawmakers

Ted Cruz's Law Paper From 1996 Is the Best Argument Against Letting Tech Companies Run Rampant

'Voting with your wallet' doesn't work: Smart consumers are powerless to stop unregulated companies from screwing over the masses.
Jason Koebler
deaths of despair

Opioid Addiction Is Eroding the Life Expectancy of Trump's Core Supporters

Two Princeton economists show it’s a complex problem with no simple solution, but curbing opioids would help.
Kaleigh Rogers
feels good man

Redditors Made ‘Meme Insider,’ a Completely Insane Magazine About Memes

Day traders may have CNBC, but meme traders have 'Meme Insider.'
Oliver Lee Bateman

Trump's Plans for Fossil Fuels Will Shrink the Economy

Economies need energy to function, and we're running out.
Nafeez Ahmed

The True Cost of Your Uber Ride Is Much Higher Than You Think

Investor reports reveal riders only pay 41 percent of the full cost of each ride, with investors footing the remaining 59 percent.
Samantha Cole