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Former Fetish Model Ancilla van de Leest Is Leading the Dutch Pirate Party to Promote Privacy

According to the leader of the Dutch Pirate Party, there is a serious lack of the necessary technological knowledge in Dutch parliament.
Wester van Gaal

100 Percent of Dutch Electric Trains Now Run on Wind Energy

The Netherlands met its renewable energy goals a year ahead of time.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Welcome to the Biohackers’ Paradise

The Waag Society's vision is to inform people of the risks and possibilities of biotech by letting them try it themselves.
Alexandra Ossola
Motherboard Blog

To Move Drugs, Traffickers Are Hacking Shipping Containers

Workers at a container terminal in Antwerp began to wonder why entire containers—containing cargo like bananas and timber—were disappearing from the port.
Motherboard Blog

A YouTube Piano Teacher Took Down His Competition With Phony Copyright Claims

How a piano teacher in Texas bullied a young Dutch instructor into removing his ultra-popular tutorial videos.
Daniel Stuckey
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Why Hate the Catcopter? Drones Are the Real Flying Death

I’ve seen a lot of examples, growing up around hunters and all — taxidermy can be a pretty impressive art.
Derek Mead
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Skyping Santa, Pooping Logs, Blackface Elves: The Holidays Are Awful

I live in a country where parents take their kids to a shopping mall, a very large indoor structure containing generally corporately-owned stores and restaurants, and wait in long lines for the privledge of placing their children on the laps of...
Michael Byrne
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Werner Herzog's Favorite Obscure Dutch Painter

In last year's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," Werner Herzog’s attraction to the little-known and unlikely corners of the world took him and his 3d camera to the caverns that house the world’s oldest paintings. His tastes run towards more modern art too.