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A ‘Hacker’ Exposed a Mexican Drug Lord, Now He's Trying to Save His Own Life

The computer engineer secretly shot video of the purported heir to Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán and was reported to be living in the US under government protection. In fact, he’s stuck in Mexico.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Brian Anderson

The CIA Created a Hotbox That Can't Get You High

In the 1970s, America's top intelligence agency created super skunky fake weed and burned it as part of a drug abuse program that toured the country.
Michael Best

Here’s the DEA Contract for Hacking Team's Spyware

The contract reveals all the details of the relationship between the Italian spy tech company and the American anti-drug agency.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Another Way the Feds Punish Legit Cannabis Growers: Electricity Rates

At least in Skamania County, WA.
Michael Byrne

The 'Drug Dare' Challenges People to Upload Videos of Themselves Doing Drugs

Challenge accepted.
Jordan Valinsky

'Deep Web' Director Alex Winter on Silk Road Boss's Harsh Sentence: 'A Stunner'

The fall of Silk Road hasn't deterred anyone, he says.
Alex Wong

Trailer: Still Life

Watch a teaser for our new documentary on life, death, and an unassuming Mexican dentist who has perfected a chemical formula that rehydrates corpses for identification.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

The Year in Narcotics

A flashback to some of the strangest, tragic, and uplifting drug stories published on Motherboard in 2013.
Motherboard Blog

Heroin, Cocaine, and Weed Are Stronger, Cheaper, and Easier to Get Than They've Ever Been

More evidence that the War on Drugs has been a huge mess.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Doctors in British Columbia Are Now Allowed To Prescribe Heroin

A stable, supervised fix is better than scoring on the street.
Dave Dean
Motherboard Blog

Nobody's Sure Who's Supplying Mexico With $350 Million Worth of Border Spy-Tech

Well, nobody outside the Mexican Army and Department of Defense has little idea just who's behind the surveillance gear contracts, at least. The DoD did recently "confirm":http://www.provincia.com.mx/2012/07/sedena-confirma-compra-de-equipo-para-espiar...
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Presenting the Lamest Drug Sting Ever, a Tale of Addiction Criminalization and iPhone Impersonation

OK, I get the general sense/argument of why attempting to possess heroin is illegal and bad for society etc, but still, just say that charge out loud. When I think of "drug problems" in a criminal sense, I tend to think of dealers and vast, violent...
Michael Byrne