How Drug Cartels Operate Like Silicon Valley Startups

"Maybe the next Steve Jobs is a girl in Oaxaca."
Rory Smith

The Drug Cartels' IT Guy

The story of Felipe Peréz, a communications specialist reportedly kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, and forced into a shadow hacker squad that engineers the gang's hidden radio network.
Brian Anderson

How Drug Cartels Counterfeit Pills

"These groups operate like terrorist organizations."
Alexandra Ossola

How Mexico's Cultish Cartel Got Big Into Iron Ore

What the pseudo-religious Knights Templar cartel earns pushing ditch weed is chump change compared to its mineral smuggling profits.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Heroin, Cocaine, and Weed Are Stronger, Cheaper, and Easier to Get Than They've Ever Been

More evidence that the War on Drugs has been a huge mess.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Pedro Reyes Reclaims Guns and Turns Them Into Musical Instruments

... with a little help from Mexican drug cartels.
Laura Feinstein
Motherboard Blog

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Operating in All But 12 States

We don't know much. But we know that they're here.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

Is Mexico's Hidden Spy Center A Complete Bust?

Nobody has the slightest idea who (what?) has been busy "funneling $350 million worth of whiz-bang drug-bust border spy tech":http://motherboard.vice.com/2012/8/7/nobody-s-sure-who-s-supplying-mexico-with-350-million-worth-of-border-spy-tech to the...
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Why Google Is Entering the Drug War

The company that long ago vowed not to be evil is now confronting it head on. Google just announced a new initiative in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tribeca Film Festival geared towards combatting violent illicit networks...
Adam Estes
Motherboard Blog

Cartel Radio: Drugs and Kidnappings and Blood on the Air

If 2011 was a year for Internet-driven global protest, it was also a time of sado-crafty Mexican crime syndicates fully wiring up and operating on their own increasingly sophisticated private networks. Drug cartels have been overhauling and...
Brian Anderson