Rats Appear Less Anxious After Microdosing DMT, Scientists Find

But the powerful psychedelic drug still needs “much more research.”
Sarah Emerson
When the Drugs Hit

Why Does DMT Make You Feel Like You’re Dying?

Researchers dosed 13 people with DMT to investigate the similarities between DMT trips and near death experiences in the first study of its kind.
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

LSD and DMT Caused the Brain to Form New Connections in Flies and Rats

The effects of psychedelic drugs on neurite density is a promising sign that they may be useful in treating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Daniel Oberhaus
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If You’ve Met Aliens While on DMT, These Scientists Would Like to Hear From You

Some people on DMT say they meet aliens, demons, and even elves. It’s a common enough experience that Johns Hopkins wants to know more.
Matthew Gault
When the Drugs Hit

Stop Policing Psychedelic Science

Researchers make the case for a new, psychedelics-only controlled substance category.
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

America's Trippiest Chemist: Making Psychedelics 'Was Fun'

For over 40 years, Dave Nichols had government license to make Schedule 1 drugs like LSD and DMT for research.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Is How Ayahuasca Affects the Brain

The psychedelic therapy comes from a brew that combines vines and leaves.
Madison Margolin

Watch a Freelance Journalist Writhe Through a Powerful DMT Trip for Research

It's an intense five minutes.
Clinton Nguyen
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Ayahuasca’s Medical Power Is Well Known. Now Science Can Back it Up

Since the boom in ayahuasca tourism, interest in the plant-based south america brew has gone global.
Emiko Jozuka

Science Fiction Ideas

October 2042, Central Park. The ripples on the lake seem to distend and pulse and become silvery orbs momentarily. “DMT,” he thought.
Tao Lin