‘Racial Discrimination at Facebook Is Real’ Says Internal Memo from Former Employee

'There are more Black Lives Matter posters than there are actual Black people," Mark S. Luckie, a high-profile, longtime Silicon Valley employee wrote.
Jason Koebler
Design Bias

This User-Friendly Menstrual Cup Is What Happens When Design Is Inclusive

When her old cup kept failing her, Jane Adame, whose connective-tissue condition makes her joints unstable, had to imagine there was a better way.
Rose Eveleth

Top CERN Scientist Suspended for Presentation That Argued There Is No Sexism in Physics

CERN suspended theorist Alessandro Strumia on Monday after he gave a presentation at a conference about gender in high energy physics that argued "physics is not sexist against women."
Daniel Oberhaus
The Plug

Black Tech Conferences Offer a Lifeline in a Predominantly White Industry

The Plug took a look at more than 15 annual Black tech conferences to understand if and how these niche conferences are shaping inclusive cultures within the tech industry.
Sherrell Dorsey
The Plug

The Rise of Black-Owned Co-Working Spaces

Entrepreneurs say these 56 offices offer a safe space for innovation.
Sherrell Dorsey
The Plug

We're Teaming Up With 'The Plug', a Daily Newsletter on Black Entrepreneurs in Tech

Motherboard and The Plug will collaborate to bring you original stories.
Sherrell Dorsey

How ‘Westworld’ Uses Multilingualism to Explore Prejudice

From Japanese to Lakota, the show's foreign language episodes spotlight themes of identity and memory.
Becky Ferreira
Silicon Valley Diversity

The Congressional Black Caucus Is Asking Silicon Valley Why It's So White

The political organization sent a letter to technology and telecommunications lobbying groups about diversity last month.
Sarah Emerson

This Ecologist Finds Clues to Anthropocene Survival in Ice Age Extinctions

Whether she’s reconstructing the Pleistocene world or advocating for a more inclusive science community, Jacquelyn Gill is all about interdisciplinary approaches.
Becky Ferreira
tech diversity

Study Finds Women and Minorities in STEM Are Discriminated Against, to the Shock of No One

Diversity efforts in science and technology aren't successfully combating discrimination, finds Pew Research Center.
Sarah Emerson

Former Advisor in Obama White House is on a Mission to Build a Brighter Future for STEM

Dr. Knatokie Ford is working with storytellers to bring diversity and authenticity to portrayals of people in science and tech.
Samantha Cole
boot camp

To Solve the Diversity Drought in Software Engineering, Look to Community Colleges

It’s a solution hiding in plain sight.
Michael Byrne