Triassic Bowel Movements

This Beautiful Ancient Poop Contains Triassic Fish Bones and Beetles Wings

The land before potty time.
Becky Ferreira
Go Goop Yourself

A Former Naturopath Told Us How She Sold a Detox Scam

Britt Hermes is a former naturopath who recently blogged about how easy it was to convince people to buy unnecessary detox regimens.
Kaleigh Rogers
let them eat trash

Garbage Contains All of the Nutrients Missing from Our Diet

A new study analyzes the nutrition value of food waste and it’s got everything our diet is lacking.
Kaleigh Rogers
machine learning

Deep Learning Algorithm Rewrites Traditional Recipes for New Regions, Ingredients

Algorithmic gastronomy is here.
Michael Byrne

Our Ancestors Engaged in Cannibalism for Fun and Profit, Not Just for Calories

Human flesh isn’t as nutritious as mammoth meat. But our ancestors occasionally ate each other anyway.
Bryson Masse
cool it on the kielbasa

We Don’t Need as Much Protein as We Think We Do

The protein supplement industry is expected to be worth $58 billion by 2022. But, why?
Kaleigh Rogers

The Alt-Right’s Favorite Diet

John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto and a controversial presence on Twitter, talks about the meat-heavy diet and right-wing politics.
Oliver Lee Bateman

The Science of Sean Spicer’s Compulsive Gum Swallowing Habit

We wanted a second opinion about Spicer's gum consumption habit (he said he chews and swallows more than two packs a day), so we talked to a doctor about it.
Madison Margolin

A Brief History of America's Favorite Fad Diets, According to Google

Google sent us the top ten diet-related searches for the last decade, and the inconsistency was revealing.
Kaleigh Rogers

Why Some Argentine Nutritionists Don’t Think Ultra Processed Foods Are That Bad

The World Health Organization recommended South American countries reduce their ultra-processed food consumption. Some Argentine nutritionists disagree.
Meaghan Beatley

Have Reddit Users Discovered the Perfect Exercise Regimen?

If you’re looking to drop a few pounds this year but have no idea where to start, consider paying a visit to Reddit.
Oliver Lee Bateman
Luxury Week

Can Money Buy You the Perfect Diet?

I tested out a meal delivery service touted by Lena Dunham, Victoria's Secret models, and a bunch of Wall Street execs to see if money could "fix" my diet.
Ankita Rao