Deep learning


AI Can Manipulate Video to Make Everybody Dance Now

AI is getting really good at making people do things they never could—or would—in real life.
Jordan Pearson
AI Doing Art

This AI Creates Horrifying Images Based On Your Words

Yay, researchers trained an algorithm to turn your captions into (nightmarish) images.
Sarah Emerson

OpenAI Is Beating Humans at ‘Dota 2’ Because It’s Basically Cheating

AI defeating human players at 'Dota 2' is impressive, but it was only possible thanks to significant guardrails and an inhuman advantage.
Matthew Gault
Dystopia Now

Researchers Tricked AI Into Doing Free Computations It Wasn't Trained to Do

Google researchers demonstrated that a neural network could be tricked into performing free computations for an attacker. They worry that this could one day be used to turn our smartphones into botnets by exposing them to images.
Daniel Oberhaus
science has gone too far

Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA

Researchers made a neural network out of DNA that can recognize handwritten numbers.
Daniel Oberhaus

AI Can Generate 'Doom' Levels Now

Algorithms that can make video game levels humans want to play can automate aspects of game design.
Wajeeh Maaz

Watch a Computer Learn to Play ‘Doom’ Inside a Dream

Researchers got deep learning models to train inside their own hallucinated ideas of the world.
Jordan Pearson
reddit misbehavior

One Percent of Subreddits Are Responsible for Most of the Raids on Reddit

A new study suggests that most of Reddit's drama is started by a small number of communities on the website.
Sarah Emerson

How to Turn a Pair of Glasses Into an AI-Fooling Spy Tool

Perfect for a sci-fi heist.
Jordan Pearson
Daily Dystopia

AI Will Soon Identify Protesters With Their Faces Partly Concealed

A new paper has troubling implications.
Louise Matsakis
you don't want that

When an AI Invents Diseases, You End Up With 'Penis Arthritis'

Research scientist Janelle Shane trained a neural network to make up fake diseases.
Kaleigh Rogers
Intelligent Eating

MIT Created an AI That Knows the Ingredients in Your Food

So … how gross is that food on Instagram?
Caroline Haskins