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Shady Data Brokers Are Selling Online Dating Profiles by the Millions

Tactical Tech and artist Joana Moll bought one million dating profiles for $153.
Samantha Cole
3 days ago

This Word Appears in More Reddit Post Titles Than Any Other

A Reddit user scraped data from every submission that got at least 1,000 upvotes and found Trump topped the list of most-used words for three years running
Kaleigh Rogers

Wireless Carriers Now Want to Be the Keepers of Your Website Login Data

But a history of privacy scandals makes them the worst candidates for the job.
Karl Bode

Google Is Still Planning a ‘Smart City’ in Toronto Despite Major Privacy Concerns

After nine months, the new deal between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto is still light on details about data, surveillance, and privacy.
Bianca Wylie

Canadian Telecoms Make the Most Money on Mobile Data in the World

Is it any surprise that Canadians have some of the lowest rates of mobile data usage globally?
Jordan Pearson

This Video of a Republican Candidate for Senate Dancing in His Underwear Is the Future of Politics

We’re learning to care less and less about what weird shit resurfaces from political candidates’ viral video pasts.
Samantha Cole

Twitter Is Banning Anyone Whose Date of Birth Says They Joined Before They Were 13

According to the company, it can't separate content posted before and after the age of 13.
Jordan Pearson

Here Are Some of the Worst Attempts At Complying with GDPR

Owen Williams, a freelance developer, has been collecting the more embarrassing, silly, and downright lame attempts companies are making to comply with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.
Kaleigh Rogers

Why This Guy Uploaded 134 Gigabytes of Syrian Civil War Footage

Jakub Janovský wants people to have the data about the conflict so they can decide for themselves.
Matthew Gault
Motherboard's Security Tuneup

If You Use Word, You Need to Turn Off This One Feature

Our final day of the security challenge has a task for all the Office users out there.
Kaleigh Rogers
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Motherboard's Security Tuneup

Ad Blockers Are Good for Security, Too

On day four of our security tuneup, we recommend installing and ad-blocker...but consider white listing trusted sites!
Kaleigh Rogers
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Motherboard's Security Tuneup

You Should Be Using Two-Factor Authentication on Everything

Day three of our personal security tuneup: turn on that 2FA!
Kaleigh Rogers
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai