bad ideas

Experts Call This Mushroom-Identifying App 'Potentially Deadly'

Its creator says it's only meant to be used as a reference.
Kaleigh Rogers
Born To Die

We Are Programmed to Die Early, and That’s a Good Thing

Complex systems theorists have created a model that overturns longstanding assumptions about the relationship between death and natural selection.
Daniel Oberhaus
Crackpot Naturalists

Check Out These Vivid Wildlife Illustrations From a Victorian Fossil Truther

Philip Henry Gosse believed that God placed fake fossils on Earth, but he was still a renowned and talented naturist and illustrator.
Becky Ferreira

Why Do Birds Have Such Crazy Beaks?

A citizen science project measured over 2,000 bird beaks to help figure out why they’re so crazy looking.
Daniel Oberhaus
All in Your Head

Why Some Prey Animals Don’t Live in Fear of Being Eaten

Animal fears are a unique blend of instinct and experience.
Cara Giaimo

The Homeless Scientist Who Tried to Prove Selflessness Doesn't Exist

After he wrote his famous equation, George Price cut his own throat with nail clippers.
Theo Jolliffe

Darwin's Classic Monster: The Parasitoid Wasp

"There seems to me too much misery in the world."
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

This Proto-Human May Have Been Close to Apes, But Don't Call It the Missing Link

If anything, this new discovery only deepens the mystery.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

New Book: Botox Makes You Happier Because It Keeps You from Frowning

If you can't frown, the logic goes, it makes you less unhappy. But maybe we're just crying on the inside.
Austin Considine
Motherboard Blog

Unless We Stop Having Sex, Humans Will Keep On Evolving

We humans tend to think we're pretty much perfect. We've taken over the world, produce more food than any other time in history, have the ability to kill every plant and animal out there (often to the point of extinction), and can harness the power of...
Derek Mead