Dark Matter

Dark Matter

A New Theory Unifies Dark Matter and Dark Energy as a ‘Dark Fluid’ With Negative Mass

Can one of Einstein’s forgotten theories solve the riddle of why 95 percent of the stuff in the universe appears to be missing?
Daniel Oberhaus
Dark Matter

Black Holes Can’t Account for Missing Dark Matter in the Universe

A statistical analysis of 740 supernovas found that black holes can only account for 40 percent of dark matter in the universe, putting another nail in the coffin for the MACHOs theory of dark matter.
Daniel Oberhaus
The Most Unknown

The New Hunt for Dark Matter Is Taking Place Under a Mountain

Davide D’Angelo wasn’t always interested in dark matter, but now he’s at the forefront of the hunt to find the most elusive particle in the universe.
Daniel Oberhaus
Dark Matter

This May Be the Experiment That Finally Discovers the Dark Matter Particle

“If dark matter axions exist within the frequency band we will be probing for the next few years, then it’s only a matter of time before we find them.”
Daniel Oberhaus
Dark Matter

Astronomers Can’t Explain Why This New Galaxy Has Hardly Any Dark Matter

Dark matter was thought to be the glue that holds galaxies together, so how did this galaxy end up with hardly any of it?
Daniel Oberhaus

The Physicist Building the World’s Most Precise Clock

Advanced timekeeping could help unify quantum and gravitational physics, predict earthquakes, and navigate in deep space.
Matthew Gault
what is gravity?

Theoretical Physicist Erik Verlinde Says We Don’t Need Dark Matter to Explain the Universe

Watch Verlinde deliver a talk on his "new view" on gravity tonight.
Kate Lunau
Is This the Real Life?

Behold, the Largest Simulated Universe Ever Made

25 billion galaxies populated with 2 trillion particles will help calibrate a satellite on the hunt for dark matter.
Daniel Oberhaus
Into the Void

Scientists Say That, Yes, We Live in a Giant Gaping Void

It’s the largest void known to science.
Lisa Cumming
the ties that bind

Here's a Knot of Dark Matter Binding Two Galaxies Together

Check out the first composite image of a dark matter filament in our universe.
Kate Lunau
field trips

Tour a Subterranean Dark Matter Lab in 360º VR

Join us on a Motherboard Field Trip to SNOLAB, a particle physics research facility inside a working mine in Ontario, Canada.
Derek Mead

Inside the Dark Matter Lab Buried Over a Mile Underground

Motherboard visits SNOLAB, where scientists are searching for dark matter, supernovas, and neutrinos inside an active mine.