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A Former Twitter Employee Told Us How a Contractor Could Take Down Trump's Account

A Twitter contractor briefly disabled the president’s account, revealing new concerns about social media’s role in national security.
Sarah Emerson

'No-Reply' Email Addresses Are a Plague

"If you’re allowed to send me an email, I’m allowed to send you an email."
Michael Byrne
customer service

A Week Later, Hacked Spyware Vendors Haven't Warned Their 130,000 Customers

An alleged email apparently shows one employee explicitly telling staff not to warn customers the company was hacked.
Joseph Cox

The History of the Call Center Explains How Customer Service Got So Annoying

It seems like we’ve been dealing with frustrating call centers forever. But, as it turns out, customer service via phone is a relatively recent phenomenon.
Ernie Smith
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Price Matching Concerns Prompt Amazon Shoppers to Seek Alternatives

Online deal hunters don't need to rely on Amazon's largesse to stretch their money.
David Bixenspan
Uber Earth

This Guy Quit His Engineer Job to Run a Blog All About Uber

Harry Campbell is The Rideshare Guy.
Louise Matsakis

This Bot Will Tweet at Comcast Whenever Your Internet Is Slower Than Advertised

One subscriber used a Raspberry Pi and Twitter to let Comcast know every time its internet has failed him.
Rachel Pick

Amazon Could Be Giving Out Your Home Address to Strangers

A blogger claims the online chat support gave out a blogger’s home address to strangers three times.
Bryson Masse
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Here’s What Happens Now When You Push The Radio Button On The Roku Remote

The streaming music service is no more, but its dedicated hardware button lives on.
Nicholas Deleon
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Why Comcast's Data Caps Aren't About 'Fairness'

How is charging everyone more money the only way to make things fair?
Kaleigh Rogers

The Saddest, Funniest, and Strangest FTC Complaints Against Valve

From bad customer service to confusing fraudulent charges.
Emanuel Maiberg
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Apple Will Release an App to Help Android Users Make the Switch

Want to switch to iPhone? There’s an app for that.
Nicholas Deleon