I Miss My iPod Classic More Than Anything

As Apple kills more iPods, an ode to the 'dumb' MP3 player.
Jordan Pearson

Surreal Memes Are the Last Escape the Internet Has

The best part is that they’re about nothing at all.
Louise Matsakis

Why Amazon Keeps Pissing Off Indian People

What do these skateboards, flags and vagina ashtrays have in common?
Ankita Rao
When the Drugs Hit

Stop Policing Psychedelic Science

Researchers make the case for a new, psychedelics-only controlled substance category.
Daniel Oberhaus
When the Drugs Hit

Taking Acid for the First Time? Read This Vintage Guide

Pro tips from a no-nonsense 1967 manual on what to expect when the stuff kicks in.
Daniel Oberhaus
Don't Eat the Brown Acid

The Long, Hard Road to a Science of Bad Drug Trips

If we’re going to use psychedelics for therapy, we’re going to have to figure out the proverbial bad trip.
Daniel Oberhaus
Reality Doses

When the Drugs Hit

A Motherboard journey into the science, politics, and culture of today’s psychedelic renaissance.
Daniel Oberhaus
Brian Anderson
After Dark

Amsterdam Has a 'Night Mayor' and He's Not Here Just to Party

Motherboard sat down with Mirik Milan, the original Night Mayor, to discuss why a vibrant nightlife integral to a successful city.
Grennan Milliken
Use The Force

This Epic Mixtape Explores 40 Years of Star Wars Fandom

Luke, be a Jedi tonight.
Sam Fragoso
Taking Our Jobs

Why Screenwriters Rebelled Against the 'Dystopian Future' of AI-Evaluated Scripts

"You can't quantify a Daniel Day-Lewis performance when you enter a script into this software."
Kevin Wong
I can't believe it's not dicks!

Here are All the Stories Behind Reddit’s Greatest Collaborative Project Ever

A programming student in Switzerland created a tool to collect all the backstories to the collaborative art pieces.
Kaleigh Rogers
Futures Past

Apple’s Most Futuristic-Looking Computer Came Out 20 Years Ago

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh foreshadowed the sleek design sensibilities of Jony Ive that now dominate Apple's product line.
Ernie Smith