A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website

It's been almost 20 years since the members of Heaven's Gate killed themselves in hopes of entering the Next Level.
Kaleigh Rogers

I Was Brainwashed by a Feminist Digital Cult Leader

Unicole is the leader of UNICULT, which she describes as a communal framework for promoting joy.
Leigh Alexander

Lord RayEl Is an Internet Deity Who Demands Worship

The Armageddon preacher is part cult leader, part content producer.
Roisin Kiberd
jacked in

Memories of Satan

How vivid memories of entire events that never occurred can be planted into a someone's mind.
Theo Jolliffe

Higher Source: The Immortal Web Design of the Suicide Cult 'Heaven's Gate'

Led by Marshall Applewhite, Heaven’s Gate was a doomsday cult that funded its operations and eventual mass suicide by building websites.
Claire L. Evans
Motherboard Blog

Video: James Blake Marches His Flock to the Dark Side

"Overgrown": where bleakness meets lushness.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

China Is Not Handling the Apocalypse or the "Female Jesus" Very Well

Everything will be fine. That hasn't kept a few on the fringe from panicking, though. In China, that also means panicking about the panickers.
Adam Clark Estes
Motherboard Blog

The Best Video Evidence Yet That Apple is a Cult

Yeah, it's a familiar refrain by now; Apple is a cult. Its shiny products and aesthetic inspire slavish devotion amongst fans, its Stores are bastions of eerily synchronized helpfulness, and workers are willing to accept lower wages and fewer benefits...
Brian Merchant