A Secret Server for the Dead MMO 'City of Heroes' Has Players in an Uproar

When copyright law prevented the devoted 'City of Heroes' community from playing its favorite game, the community created its own solution, and a lot of drama.
Emanuel Maiberg
4 days ago
Pepe the Frog

Read the Best Parts of Alex Jones's 159-Page Deposition About Pepe the Frog

Jones is getting sued for allegedly violating the copyright of Pepe the Frog's creator by selling Pepe posters on Infowars.
Matthew Gault

Reddit’s Piracy Subreddit Is Purging a Decade of Posts

The /r/piracy subreddit is deleting all posts older than six months after allegedly being alerted to an overwhelming amount of copyright complaints.
Matthew Gault

EU Ignores the Public, Passes Internet-Wrecking Copyright Proposal

Upload filters and link taxes may be well intentioned, but critics say they’re going to seriously screw up the open internet.
Karl Bode

Studies Keep Showing That the Best Way to Stop Piracy Is to Offer Cheaper, Better Alternatives

Study after study indicates that overly-aggressive anti-piracy efforts don’t work, and the real solution lies in giving would-be pirates better, cheaper options.
Karl Bode
copyright law

How Kids YouTube Star Blippi Used Copyright Law to Hide His Harlem Shake Poop Video

Someone claiming to represent Blippi filed DMCA copyright takedown requests to Google in order to get an embarrassing viral video hidden.
Jason Koebler

A Scammer Used YouTube’s Copyright System to Ransom Creators

By submitting fake copyright “flags” a scammer demanded hundreds of dollars via Paypal or Bitcoin and even managed to get past YouTube’s anti-abuse team.
Jack Hauen

How to Download the Books That Just Entered the Public Domain

Public Domain Day was yesterday, but you were probably hungover, so here’s how to download the tens of thousands of books that became legal to download for free in 2019.
Caroline Haskins

Lawyers for 'GTA: Online' Get Court Order to Search Homes of Alleged Cheat Makers

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive obtained a search warrant from an Australian court to search the homes and computers of the people allegedly behind the 'Infamous' mod menu cheat.
Karl Bode
article 13

The EU Can Still Be Saved From Its Internet-Wrecking Copyright Plan

Public pressure, legal challenges could minimize the damage.
Karl Bode

Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Takes Down Pepe Images After Getting Copyright Claims From Its Creator

The Daily Stormer has removed all images and references of the famously chill frog after getting DMCA notices from Matt Furie.
Matthew Gault
Article 11

EU Votes Down Internet-Wrecking Copyright Proposal

Massive backlash drives the controversial measure back to the drawing board
Karl Bode