Here's a Video of Billionaire Tim Draper Singing About Bitcoin

The Bitcoin booster gave a bizarre performance at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.
Jordan Pearson
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Craig Wright Isn’t Mad, He’s Actually Laughing After Public Beef at Blockchain Conference

nChain chief scientist and would-be Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright walked off of a panel flanked by personal security after a confrontation with LightningASIC CEO Jack Liao.
Jordan Pearson
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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Is Beefing With the Guy Who Claimed to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Buterin called Craig Wright a “fraud” at the 2018 Deconomy conference, and Wright shot back.
Jordan Pearson

Fed Tells Room Full of Hackers to Hack His Phone, Drinks Whiskey

The deputy secretary of Homeland Security called for hackers to work more with the government.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Def Con Is Cancelled, Again

And again, and again, and again.
Jordan Pearson

On the First Day of HOPE, Plenty to Fear

Reality checks from mysterious individuals and paranoia from very public ones at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference.
Lucy Teitler
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The NSA Director Asked Hackers for Advice, But Left a Lot Unanswered

Got advice for the NSA? Send it to
Daniel Stuckey
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Notes from GDC: Kentucky Route Zero and the Theatre of Games

Turns out gaming could have a lot to learn from the stage.
Colin Snyder
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Notes From GDC 2013: Are You Going to San Francisco?

Day 1 in the proverbial shit that is the Game Developers Conference. A dispatch.
Colin Snyder
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The Idea Con: At the $400 Mental Day Spa for Techno-Intellectuals

A couple of weeks ago I found myself at the PSFK Conference, a one-day orgy of infotainment mounted by the titular New York consulting firm. Its impressive roster of multinational clients includes companies like BMW, Unicef, Target, Pepsi, and Apple...
Cole Stryker
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Stelarc: An Alternate Evolutionary Structure

Billed as ‘the Glastonbury rock festival of cyberculture,’ the only mud to be found at the Virtual Futures 2.0 conference, which took place last week at Warwick University, was made on campus mainframes.
tony hill