Commercial Space


This Company Wants to Catapult Rockets into Space

What we know about SpinLaunch, a company created in secret four years ago.
Daniel Oberhaus
Commercial Space

Bigelow's New Company Wants to Build a Space Station to Compete with China

The billionaire hotelier announced the formation of a new space company today, and why he thinks NASA and China are the biggest threats to LEO commercial space stations.
Daniel Oberhaus

Trump’s Plan to Privatize the ISS Exposes Rifts in Spaceflight Community

A proposal to cut federal support for the ISS in the 2020s amplifies the wider debate over the interplay between the public and private space spheres.
Becky Ferreira
Dear Future

When Going to Space Becomes Your Normal Commute

For most of spaceflight history, astronauts have been government employees. That will soon change.
Becky Ferreira

DIY Submarine Sinks in Denmark, Hobbyist Suspected of Killing Passenger

The DIY sub was meant to launch some of the world's largest amateur rockets.
Jason Koebler
Commercial Space Race

A Pittsburgh Company Has Secured a 2019 Rocket Launch to the Moon

Send family heirlooms, science projects, or a lock of your hair to the lunar surface with Astrobotic.
Becky Ferreira

The First Space-Based ‘Nation’ Wants to Store Data Off-Planet, Beyond the Law

'Asgardia' plans to launch a data storage satellite beyond the reach of Earthly laws—an ambitious and problematic goal.
Mark Harris
Big Cheese

Trump’s Transition Team Asked NASA About Surveying the Moon for Valuable Resources

Internal communications between NASA and Trump's transition team, obtained by a Motherboard FOIA, show the new administration is also interested in how the agency's research helps private industry.
David Axe
Rocket Science

SpaceX's Latest Rocket Landing Video Is Stunning

The drone's-eye view of the latest Falcon 9 rocket booster coming back from space is awe-inspiring.
Carl Franzen

Private Lunar Landers Are Coming, and They’re Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

The five final contenders for the $30 million Google Lunar XPrize push the boundaries of interplanetary exploration.
Becky Ferreira

Why Luxembourg, Of All Places, Is a Global Leader in Asteroid Mining

The tiny European country is betting it all on riches from space.
Robert Mackenzie

NASA Won't Say If or When Private Citizens Can Visit the Space Station

Commercial modules are coming, but who will occupy them?
Amy Thompson