climate science

climate science

Trump’s NASA Leader Should Explain His ‘Evolution’ on Climate Change

It’s great that Administrator Jim Bridenstine accepts his own agency’s consensus on climate science. Let’s hope he builds on his new perspective.
Becky Ferreira
Federal Science

EPA Science Advisory Board Nominee: Actually, CO2 Emissions Are Good

“I am sure that many scientists who have lived off of the Global Warming scam are concerned about their future."
Sarah Emerson
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FOIA: NPS Director Suggested Trump Administration 'Manage the Talking Point' of Climate Scientist's Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Internal government emails reveal new details about Mark Zuckerberg’s canceled meeting with a US Geological Survey climate scientist.
Sarah Emerson

FOIA: Internal Emails Show Government Officials Scrambling to Explain Why Climate Scientist’s Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg Was Canceled

Unpublished documents reveal new details about the circumstances behind the high-profile Facebook event.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

Antarctica’s Disintegration Could Actually Lead to a Hollywood Disaster Scenario

When movies become reality.
Meaghan Beatley
Government Disinformation

The Interior Department Just Quietly Scrubbed Its Climate Change Page

The term "climate change" is only mentioned once.
Sarah Emerson
A Guide to the Climate Change Deniers in Congress

Maine's Climate Change Deniers

Meet Maine's climate change deniers.
Motherboard Stuff
A Guide to the Climate Change Deniers in Congress

Louisiana's Climate Change Deniers

Meet Louisiana's climate change deniers.
Motherboard Stuff
A Guide to the Climate Change Deniers in Congress

Kentucky's Climate Change Deniers

Meet Kentucky's Climate Change deniers.
Motherboard Stuff

The Arctic Research Commission Has Gone Silent Under Trump

Just days after the Environmental Protection Agency was muzzled, the US Arctic Research Commission has gone silent.
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

California Governor Says His State Will Be a Sanctuary for Science Under Trump

Speaking at the American Geophysical Union, Governor Jerry Brown bashed Rick Perry and Breitbart News, and called upon attendees to stand up for truth no matter what.
Shannon Stirone

These Oil and Coal Companies Have the Worst Climate Change Records

A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how fossil fuel producers seed scientific doubt and block climate-related policies.
Sarah Emerson