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Great White Shark Tagged for the First Time in Canadian Atlantic Waters

Heather Bowlby at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Halifax tagged the shark with a location tracker that will monitor its movements for nearly a year.
Becky Ferreira
2 days ago

Hurricane Categories Don’t Capture How Dangerous Florence Is

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale only measures wind speed and nothing else.
Kaleigh Rogers

Climate Change Exacerbates Hurricane Florence as America Becomes World’s Leading Crude Oil Producer

Hurricane Florence will make landfall in the Carolinas on the same day the US Department of Energy announces that the US has likely surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia in crude oil production.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Europe Wants to Devastate Forests to Double Its 'Renewable' Energy

A plan recently finalized by the European Union would classify wood burned for fuel as a carbon neutral energy source, when it’s anything but.
Sarah Emerson
climate change

UN Secretary-General Says We Have A Year and a Half to Avoid 'Runaway' Climate Change

In a passionate speech delivered at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the UN chief said we are “careening towards the abyss” and announced a 2019 climate summit.
Daniel Oberhaus
Big Desert Energy

Wind and Solar Farms Could Make it Rain Regularly in the Sahara Desert

Climate models reveal that renewable energy projects in the Sahara could spark a twofold increase in local rainfall, enabling vegetation to take hold.
Becky Ferreira

'Minecraft' Mod Adds Climate Change, Carbon Tax

The 'GlobalWarming' mod was created by a student who wants people to learn to work together to combat climate change.
Wajeeh Maaz

Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise

A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change.
Nafeez Ahmed

Melting Permafrost Reveals Gnarly 30,000-Year-Old Baby Horse

“This is the first find in the world of a prehistoric horse of such a young age and with such an amazing level of preservation.”
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Glacier National Park Is on Fire

The fire was sparked by a lightning storm and spread by strong winds.
Kaleigh Rogers

Redlining at the End of the World

In this piece of speculative fiction, Texas officials discriminate against black residents in favor of white ones when deciding which Houston neighborhoods would receive protection from rising oceans.
Blake Montgomery

Scientists Finally Solved the Mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls

The blood red falls tumble out of a glacier 100 feet to a lake below.
Kaleigh Rogers