Civil Liberties


Young Iranians Are Using These Apps to Bypass Government Oppression

Amid censorship and "moral police", the youth of Iran are looking to their smartphones for civil liberties.
Virginia Vigliar
State of Surveillance

Human Rights Activists Are Asking 8 Countries How Much They Spy on Each Other's Citizens

Are international surveillance agreements just a way to avoid local anti-spying laws?
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Letting Police Kill Suspects With Robots

Dallas police used a bomb robot to kill a suspect in what was "essentially a jury-rigged version of a drone strike"—where do we go from here?
Jason Koebler

Genetic Engineering Is (Probably) Protected By the First Amendment

Could we stop a scientist from making a designer baby, even if we wanted to?
Jason Koebler

Obama: Pass NSA Reform Before the Patriot Act Expires

The President warns of the dangers of letting the Patriot Act sunset.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Don’t (Just) Let the Sun Go Down on Patriot Powers

A few pieces of the Patriot Act are about to expire, but we need more than a quiet death to guarantee true reform.
Julian Sanchez

Human Rights Groups Say Facebook's 'Exacerbates the Digital Divide'

A coalition of 65 civil liberties groups from 31 countries said Mark Zuckerberg's plan to provide free internet access to developing nations creates a 'two-tiered internet.'
Jason Koebler

How Twitter and Facebook Censor Content Without Telling Anyone

When government and social media interests align, companies remove content without a second thought—and you won't see it in their transparency reports.
Jason Koebler

Canada Is Considering an Internet Bill That's Like CISPA on Steroids

The Digital Privacy Act would allow customer data to be shared without a warrant and with legal impunity.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Hiding Data with Temporal Cloaking Might Thwart Surveillance

But will this technology ever make it into the hands internet users?
DJ Pangburn
Motherboard Blog

How the FBI's Favorite Surveillance Bill Will Affect You

The FBI's CALEA II proposal awaits President Obama's approval.
DJ Pangburn
Motherboard Blog

Your Kids Will Forget They're Wearing Microchip ID Tags With These Hot New Accessories

So a bunch of kids are whining about having to wear radio frequency identification tags at high school. And their parents are all, oh, 'civil liberties are being violated', blah blah blah, 'religious freedoms' something 'Orwellian surveillance'. Things...
Brian Merchant