identity theft

Children’s Personal Data and SSNs Are Being Sold on the Dark Web

The data includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and Social Security Numbers.
Joseph Cox
Social Media

TikTok, the App Super Popular With Kids, Has a Nudes Problem

TikTok is seen as being child-friendly. But a section of the social media platform is dedicated to hunting for nude images from its underage users.
Joseph Cox
air pollution

Air Pollution Killed 600,000 Children in 2016, According to WHO Report

The World Health Organization found that 1.8 billion people under 15 are at risk of respiratory infections due to contaminated air.
Becky Ferreira

'Remini' App Used by Schools Left Personal Info Open to the World

The API exposed the profile photos of children, as well as email addresses, phone numbers, and milestones parents and educators use the app to preserve.
Joseph Cox
robot overlords

Children Are Easily Peer Pressured by Robots, Study Finds

Experiments reveal that kids were significantly influenced by Nao robots who fed them the wrong answers to visual problems.
Becky Ferreira

How to Tell If That Online Fundraiser Will Actually Help Immigrant Children at the Border

You want to help, so make sure you’re actually helping.
Kaleigh Rogers
great ideas

Welp, There’s a Cryptocurrency Wallet for Kids Now

Can Pigzbe’s Wollo token really be “family-friendly”?
Jordan Pearson
Thankless jobs

Shelly the Tortoise Is Here to Stop Kids From Beating Up Robots

“When a child started to beat our robot, the others were motivated to follow that child’s action, enjoying hitting the shell together.”
Becky Ferreira
The Internet Dustbin of History

Watch Club Penguin’s Heartbreaking Final Moments Before Disney Pulled the Plug

RIP iceberg and all
Samantha Cole
The internet of hackable things

Hacked Toymaker Didn't Alert Customers to Data Breach for Two Months

Victims of the data breach suffered by Spiral Toys are finally finding out their data was compromised.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
The internet of hackable things

How This Internet of Things Stuffed Animal Can Be Remotely Turned Into a Spy Device

More bad news for toymaker Spiral Toys, which left customer data from its "CloudPets" brand exposed online.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
The internet of hackable things

Internet of Things Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings

A company that sells “smart” teddy bears leaked 800,000 user account credentials—and then hackers locked it and held it for ransom.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai