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The Weakest Link

‘This Is a War’: Prisons Want Cell Phone Jammers to Stop Inmates from Communicating With the Outside World

Prisons want jamming technology to stop criminal activity, but critics warn there would be dire consequences if jamming was allowed to propagate.
Cara Tabachnick
emergency alerts

Why FEMA Is Sending a ‘Presidential Alert’ to Your Phone Today

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System will issue a test of the Presidential Alert, used for major, nationwide emergencies.
Kaleigh Rogers
Port Out Scam

Admin of Forum Where Users Trade Stolen Instagrams: Hacking Is ‘Not Our Problem’

Members of a forum where people trade stolen Instagram and other social media accounts react to Motherboard’s investigation.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Port Out Scam

The SIM Hijackers

Meet the hackers who flip seized Instagram handles and cryptocurrency in a shady, buzzing underground market for stolen accounts and usernames. Their victims' weakness? Phone numbers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
rural broadband

FCC Chairman Admits Cell Phone Data Is Not the Same as Broadband Internet

Chairman Ajit Pai released a statement and fact sheet Thursday ahead of his 2018 Broadband Deployment Report.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Software Developer Is Making a Surveillance-Free Cell Phone Network

Denver Gingerich is the brains behind Sopranica, a DIY, surveillance free cell phone network he hopes will one day rival big telecom companies.
Daniel Oberhaus

IMSI Catcher Detection Apps Might Not Be All That Good, Research Suggests

Plenty of people use free Android apps to try and spot IMSI catchers, but research shows the apps can be circumvented.
Joseph Cox
Why Is This Still a Thing?

Remember When You Called Someone and Heard a Song?

Ringback tones are still a thing.
Elizabeth King
location location location

The Supreme Court Phone Location Case Will Decide the Future of Privacy

Later this year, the Supreme Court will decide if police can track a person’s cell phone location without a warrant. It's the most important privacy case in a generation.
Stephen Vladeck
attribution is hard

Why It’s So Hard to Say Who Is Using an IMSI Catcher

Israel, China, Russia? Who was using a surveillance device on Parliament Hill in Ottawa?
Jordan Pearson
call to arms

Watch an Old Nokia Phone Heroically Take a Flaming Axe to the Face

Putting it through the ringer.
Samantha Cole
Phone Crackers

Turns Out Banks Use Cellebrite Phone Cracking Tech Too

It's not just the cops.
Joseph Cox