Magnetic North

What Happens if the Magnetic North Pole Keeps Rushing Toward Siberia?

On Monday, the World Magnetic Model was updated to account for the north pole’s eccentric behavior, after a delay caused by the US federal shutdown.
Becky Ferreira

Canadian Telecom Giant Bell Wanted NAFTA to Ban Some VPNs

Bell wanted the privacy tools—which can also be used to access geo-blocked media—to be made unlawful under NAFTA.
Jordan Pearson
climate change

Climate Change Is Revealing Arctic Landscapes Not Seen For 40,000 Years

A new study of Baffin Island's glaciers suggests that modern temperatures represent the warmest century in 115,000 years.
Sarah Emerson

Canadian Internet Filtering Company Says It's Stopped 'Alternative Lifestyles' Censorship

The UAE was found to be blocking LGBTQ content using a pre-set category in Netsweeper's software. Amid pressure from rights groups, the company says it's disabled that category.
Jordan Pearson

Stunning Photos Show Canada's Alpine Environments Are Shrinking

Images of Canada’s changing mountain landscape tell the story of its past and its future.
Mirjam Guesgen
digital divide

Canada Has 'No Plan' to Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Communities, Watchdog Says

A scathing new report shows that Canada has a long way to go when it comes to closing the country’s digital divide.
Jordan Pearson

Falcon 9 Backlog Delays Canada’s $1B Surveillance Project

The constellation of three satellites will surveil 90 percent of the Earth from orbit, but SpaceX's backlog has delayed the launch.
Jordan Pearson
climate change

Glaciers in One of the World’s Largest Ice Fields Are Rapidly Shrinking

A 2018 report called the “State of the Mountains” details the effects of climate change on an iconic North American mountain range.
Sarah Emerson

What Happens When Telecom Companies Search Your Home for Piracy

Adam Lackman ran TVAddons, a site hosting unofficial addons for Kodi media player. A legal team representing powerful telecom and media companies—Bell and Rogers included—searched his home and sued him for piracy. Now, he's fighting to make it to trial.
Jordan Pearson

Canadian Researchers Are Stoked About Access to Legal Weed

Legal cannabis means more people will be able to access science-based information instead of relying on anecdotes from their local dealer.
Jacob Dubé
basic income

Why CEOs Love Basic Income

CEOs are asking Ontario's conservative government to stop the cancellation of an ongoing basic income pilot. Basic income is conservative, the open letter's co-author says, and sadly, he's right.
Jordan Pearson

Start Rolling Your Blunts: The Best Science Stories to Read When You’re High

Recreational cannabis use is legal in Canada starting today, so here’s some trippy science to celebrate with.
Jordan Pearson