New Nuclear

Britain’s First Nuclear Power Plant in 20 Years Is Delayed and Over Budget

The setback is a blow to the European nuclear power industry.
Chris Baraniuk
is this legal

Europe's Highest Court Is Stalling the UK's New Surveillance Powers

At least one agency that can request internet browsing data is holding off until the European Court of Justice settles an important case.
Joseph Cox

Britain’s Age Verification Law Creates a Trail of Your Porn Habits

There’s nothing more private than how you like your sex.
Catherine Chapman
London Bridge

Theresa May Wants to Deprive Extremists of 'Safe Spaces Online' After London Attack

“We need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.”
Ben Sullivan
Global Warning

Britain Has Failed Climate Science By Not Standing Up to Trump

Scientists condemn the UK's conspicuous silence.
Ben Sullivan
But Why

Britain Is Fighting Back Against European Climate Change Targets

The UK wants to make it voluntary to improve energy efficiency, leaked documents reveal.
Nicole Kobie
GB Memes for MIllennial Fiends

What's Happened to Britain's Alt-Right Meme Machine?

If there's nothing to fight for then there's nothing to meme for.
Ben Sullivan
Facebook elects

Britain's Political Parties Are Spending Millions on Voter Micro-Targeting

The data that turned the world upside down continues to do so.
Ben Sullivan
How to spot a fake

Why Millions of Brits Won't See Facebook's Tips to Fight Fake News

By only running in broadsheets, the advert is missing wide swaths of the population.
Ben Sullivan
Police Powers

UK Cops May Soon Be Able to Remotely Disable Phones Even if No Crime Has Been Committed

The power relates to phones suspected of being used for drug dealing, but in some cases, a phone can be disabled even if no offense has taken place.
Joseph Cox
surveillance state

British Cops Will Scan Every Fan's Face at the Champions League Final

South Wales Police is piloting facial recognition at one of Europe's biggest sporting events.
Glyn Owen

A Wiki Hacker Compiled a Dictionary of Brexit's Most Useless Words

Happy Article 50! Here's the Lexicographical Brexitology blog you've been waiting for.
Ben Sullivan