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After Years of Inhumane Treatment, Chelsea Manning Will Be Freed From Prison

President Obama has commuted Manning's sentence, but that doesn't fix his terrible record on domestic human rights.
Jason Koebler
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Jacob Appelbaum's Utopia

The American security expert who helped develop Tor became an enemy of the state. But he is hardly the "most dangerous man in cyberspace."
John Lubbock
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What If Chelsea Manning Was Russian?

Dan Savage won't speak up for the whistleblower, who Jamie Kirchick thinks deserves to die. What gives?
Michael Arria
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Free Chelsea Manning

The world-famous whistleblower has announced that she would like to be identified as a woman. She's said as much three years ago—so what changes now?
Daniel Stuckey
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Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years for Exposing the Truth

The whistleblower will be eligible for parole in eight years.
DJ Pangburn
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Three High-Profile Whistleblowers Discuss Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden

They aren't too keen on either one of them.
Danny McDonald
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Julian Assange, Politician, Wants To WikiLeak Australian Politics: Interview

In the buildup to Julian Assange’s run for the Australian senate, VICE was invited to the Ecuadorian embassy in London for a rare in-person interview.
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The WikiLeaks Truck Is Still Rustling Jimmies at Bradley Manning's Trial

Guards at Fort Meade weren't sure what to think when earlier today Stoeckley cruised up to the base in his truck.
Fruzsina Eordogh
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Loose Lips Sink Superpowers: 1965 Department of Defense Film Warning Against Leaks

Do you know who your friends really are?
Michael Byrne
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The Court Transcript of Everything Bradley Manning Told Adrian Lamo Is Heartbreaking

Adrian Lamo acted as Bradley Manning's confidante, and encouraged him to share his personal and military-leaked secrets. Then he turned him in. They came face to face for the first time at Manning's court-martial, and the resulting transcript is...
Brian Merchant
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Open Government and a Free Press Are on Trial with Bradley Manning

Out of sight is out of mind.
DJ Pangburn
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Lost in the Bradley Manning Narrative: What He Actually Leaked

The best way to honor Manning’s courage is to never lose sight of the horrors he exposed.
Michael Arria