black holes

black holes

Astronomers Find Strong Evidence There is a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

Astronomers watched as gas approached 30 percent the speed of light during the most detailed observation ever made of material orbiting so close to a black hole.
Daniel Oberhaus
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper Is Now Online

The black hole information paradox fascinated Hawking for decades, and is the topic of his final research study.
Becky Ferreira
Dark Matter

Black Holes Can’t Account for Missing Dark Matter in the Universe

A statistical analysis of 740 supernovas found that black holes can only account for 40 percent of dark matter in the universe, putting another nail in the coffin for the MACHOs theory of dark matter.
Daniel Oberhaus

Gravitational Waves Show No Evidence of Extra Dimensions

Observing the light from neutron stars provided a baseline to measure the effects of extra dimensions on the propagation of gravitational waves through space.
Daniel Oberhaus

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Was Beamed to a Black Hole During His Funeral

Hawking’s message to preserve the planet was radioed into space during his Friday memorial at London’s Westminster Abbey.
Becky Ferreira

Around 10,000 Black Holes Are at the Center of the Galaxy, Study Says

The supermassive black hole at the galactic core seems to have an abundance of smaller black hole friends.
Becky Ferreira
Thorne's Porn

Did Stephen Hawking Owe A Nobel Physicist a Subscription to ‘Penthouse’?

In 1974, Stephen Hawking bet Kip Thorne a subscription to Penthouse over whether a recently discovered cosmic object was a black hole. He lost, and we tried to find out if he ever paid up.
Daniel Oberhaus

Will the ‘Information Paradox’ Pioneered by Stephen Hawking Ever Be Resolved?

The problem inspired a famous physics bet and a "black hole war."
Becky Ferreira
black holes

Some Black Holes Erase Your Past and Give You Unlimited Futures

"In some cases, one can live forever in a universe unknown."
Daniel Oberhaus
space porn

Start Rolling Your Blunts and Fly Through a Nebula in the Latest Batch of Hubble Space Videos

Watch alien planets evaporate and black holes lurk in this motherlode of videos.
Becky Ferreira
Neutron Star Mergers

Scientists Have Detected an Entirely New Type of Gravitational Wave

Astronomers capture both a gravitational wave and optical imagery from the energetic union of two neutron stars in a distant galaxy.
Becky Ferreira

These Black Holes Merged Nearly Two Billion Years Ago and We Have the Receipts

The newest gravitational wave discovery is the first to involve three detectors.
Becky Ferreira