Black Hole


The ‘Halo Drive’ Would Shoot Lasers at Black Holes to Explore the Milky Way

“If we can’t build something capable of delivering astronomical levels of energy, perhaps we could instead steal the energy from an astronomical object.”
Becky Ferreira
9 hours ago
Runaway Stars

This Runaway ‘Hypervelocity’ Star Was Catapulted from the Milky Way’s Disk

“This discovery dramatically changes our view on the origin of fast-moving stars.”
Becky Ferreira

NASA Captures Stunning Images of ‘Nuclear Superbubbles’ in an Alien Galaxy

NGC 3079 is spitting out particles that balloon across thousands of light years in space.
Becky Ferreira
black holes

Astronomers May Have Seen a Star Turn Into a Black Hole for the First Time

Last year astronomers witnessed an explosion like no other. Now astronomers are debating if what they witnessed was the exact moment a star became a black hole.
Daniel Oberhaus

A Black Hole Has Been Shredding a Star Twice the Size of the Sun for 10 Years

Astronomers have been watching the full fallout of a tidal disruption event for years.
Becky Ferreira
This is quasy

The Light of a Quasar Revealed This Distant Galaxy's Magnetic Field

My God, it’s full of magnets.
Jacob Dubé
Hypervelocity Stars

Watch the Milky Way’s Black Hole Fling Stars at a Million Miles an Hour

These 'hypervelocity stars' were flagged by a neural network.
Becky Ferreira
Cosmic Torture

This Black Hole Ripped Up a Star Then Pummelled It With Its Own Remains

Black holes DGAF.
Becky Ferreira
supermassive black holes

Supermassive Black Holes Don’t Just Destroy Stars—They Help Form New Ones

Black holes regulate the galaxies around them.
Farnia Fekri

This 'Bullet' Black Hole Is Ripping Through a Supernova Gas Cloud

The anomalous black hole is hurtling through space at 100 times the speed of sound.
Michael Byrne

An Earth-Sized Telescope Is About to 'See' a Black Hole For the First Time

Chile’s ALMA telescope array is supercharging the quest to image a black hole.
William Rauscher

Huge, Hyperluminous Black Hole Found Wandering Through the Universe

Four and a half billion light years from Earth, a black hole is lost and throwing a tantrum.
Samantha Cole