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Scooter Companies Split on Giving Real-Time Location Data to Los Angeles

Uber, which is pushing back against the requests for real-time location data of its JUMP scooters, was granted a provisional, month-long permit, while other companies received a full-year license.
Joseph Cox
3 days ago
weird nature

Rare Footage Captures Moth Slurping Tears From a Sleeping Bird’s Eyeball

A scientist's video shows a thirsty moth drinking tears from the eye of a comatose bird.
Sarah Emerson
Bye Bye

San Francisco Denies Scooter Permits to Uber, Lyft, Bird, and Others

Today’s ruling is a giant middle-finger to Uber, Lyft, Bird, and others who did not receive permits.
Sarah Emerson

Scooter Companies Have Two Weeks to Get Off the Streets of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco just gave scooter companies Bird, Spin, and Lime an ultimatum: Get off the street and apply for a permit, or else.
Sarah Emerson
Electric Scooters

Disrupting the Commons: Dockless Bikes and Scooters Create Layers of Community Instability

San Francisco's electric scooters are disruptive to the communities where they are abandoned and, because they are constantly moving, the issues of abandonment and refuse cycle through neighborhoods.
S.A. Applin

San Francisco Is Fighting the Scooter Trend With Poop and Vandalism

After years of being a testbed for startups, San Francisco is fighting back by literally smearing shit on scooters.
Sarah Emerson

This 66-Year-Old Bird Is Still Having Chicks, Is an Inspiration to Us All

Time to take some notes from Wisdom the albatross.
Samantha Cole

This Bat Is the Fastest Flying Animal in the World

The Brazilian free-tailed bat can fly up to 100 mph, far surpassing the flight speeds of the fastest birds.
Daniel Oberhaus
Motherboard Blog

Autonomous Drone Successfully Mimics Bird Flight

The mad scientists over at Festo have designed an ornithopter drone that successfully mimics the flight of birds.