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A $15 Minimum Wage Is Good, But Amazon Workers Still Need a Union

Amazon workers need a way to fight for themselves, not conveniently-timed concessions.
Jordan Pearson

Beef Update: Bernie Sanders Literally Introduced a ‘Stop Bezos’ Bill

Sanders has made Amazon the poster child for everything wrong with the modern labor market.
Kaleigh Rogers
beef alert

Amazon Is Beefing With Bernie Sanders Over Its Treatment of Employees

The company’s response conveniently left out any mention of temp workers, which makes up 40 percent of the US workforce.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Are Both Against the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Hillary Clinton is taking a more cautious approach to the proposed $85 billion merger.
Sam Gustin
Donald Trump

A Transhumanist Goes to the Conventions

The RNC was surprisingly more open to transhumanism than the DNC.
Zoltan Istvan

Mandatory Federal GMO Labeling Is On Its Way

It’s clear that a federal decision is in the works, even if a current Senate bill doesn't pass.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

Wild Transhumanist Campaign Tech We’ll See in Future Presidential Elections

If we’re lucky, given how crazy these elections have made America look, maybe technology will make future elections disappear altogether.
Zoltan Istvan
short circuit

An Artist Has Replaced Classic Nintendo Bad Guys with Donald Trump

Using ROMs and an emulator, an artist has replaced classic Nintendo bad guys with an 8-bit Donald Trump.
Nicholas Deleon
Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders’ Second Life Headquarters Besieged by Trump-Supporting Swastikas

Demons and a 120 foot fireworks-spewing Donald Trump statue.
Wagner James Au
Donald Trump

How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Plan to Bridge the Digital Divide

Broadband access has hardly been discussed during the presidential race, on either side of the aisle.
Meghan Neal
Donald Trump

White Supremacist Political Party Wants Elon Musk as Secretary of Transportation

"Every president should seek his advice and service."
Kari Paul
Bernie Sanders

Senators Including Bernie Sanders Are Worried About the $80B Charter-TWC Merger

Critics warn the deal could stifle competition and consumer choice.
Sam Gustin